Garlik Soundz Circuit: GLASSPOINT

Glasspoint is an emerging rock band from our place, Ilocos Norte. They are currently paving their way into the national music scene and at the same time eagerly lifting up the ilocano’s banner in the world of rock and roll and well, everything about music.
You can check them out HERE.

Also, i was invited by the band to tag along and take some photos during their photo shoot a couple of days ago with their photographer, Alaric Yanos. Here’s a shot i took of the band. I am quite flattered they used it as their profile picture in facebook. Haha!

Last night, they had a concert in a well known resto bar also in our place and covering the event for a while was fun although i felt soooo alone taking photos, standing on chairs, walking across plant boxes, getting my foot bitten by red ants, and roaming around as if im too busy. Hehe! :)) Really happy i brought my camera though. I seem to be the only one there with the big gun. lol

Anyway, here are some of my takes. All the rest will be uploaded in my facebook soon.. well, until i can finally sort all the photos from my camera.
Oh and don’t forget, long live Glasspoint, long live Ilocano rock bands! It’s about time Iluko music artists to be in the scene! πŸ˜›

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