It takes a lot to change her mind

I feel so “free” right now, i can even update this blog! Anyway, last week was our city fiesta and one of the highlights in our celebration is our city pageant. This year, they invited a couple of photographers in our city to join in thisย prestigious event through a little photo contest. The challenge was that we were given a contestant from the pageant to have as a model and were given a certain amount of time to do a photo shoot with her.

It was fun.. although my “slot” time to shoot was at lunch time where the sun was super high. I had a hard time figuring out where to find a location that was super shady and that was near the vicinity since we were only given an hour and a half to shoot. Also, I didn’t think it was going to be a photo contest until we arrived in the assembly area in the morning. I had fun during the shoot, did a little retouching and all. Sadly, my photo didn’t make it but oh well, win or loose, at least i had super fun.
Super thank you to Miss Aia Saturnino for her elegant and chic styling. I told her that I wanted the shoot to look very minimalistic yet editorial-ish. I knew i needed her badly when i was invited for this event!
Model: Aby Raval
Aby-whole body by MGP
Aby-beauty shot by MGP
IMG_3036 copy
after the photoshoot.

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