Light at First Sight: A Photo Exhibit for a Cause

This event is the one and only reason why i do not get to have enough sleep lately, why i come home at 3AM for the past weeks, and why i had multiple stress manifestations from my body to my attitude! Finally, it happened! After all the preparations and cramming, i finally get to sit for a while, blog about it even if it’s already past midnight.

Here’s a bit of history: We came up with the idea to put up a photo exhibit during a “bonding” session at Bistro 51 bar and restaurant with a couple of drinks just after photo-covering a wedding the whole day. It was just an idea and we never really thought of it as something serious or something that we would really push through. After a couple of drinks on a super cold night, we finally decided to seriously put up a photo exhibit but it should be for a cause. Since my mom has this secret charity in AP Santos Elementary School where she goes to every month to visit and do a feeding program for the SPED class, we decided that the exhibit will be for their cause.

Upon deciding and setting meetings on how the photo exhibit is going to be since we didn’t want the typical kind of photo exhibit, we came up with the idea of holding up a “party” where young people and socialites can have fun and at the same time, attend a photo exhibit.

After weeks of rushing, cramming, and getting all soaked up with stress, the event program was totally more than how we expected it to be. There were drinks, a very classy yet fun party, and great music! The crowd was first and foremost something we didn’t expect. The restaurant was packed with guests! I have so much more to talk about how the photo exhibit came out but i am in the mood for picture spamming. I guess i’m gonna let the pictures to the talking. :))

Credits to Sir Roms Castelo for some of the photos. *grabbed from FB + thanks to Ronan too for helping out taking pictures!Β Also, thanks to all the most amazing sponsors, specially Ma’am Maan Macaraeg from Red Dot and Havaianas and the multi-talented Mr. Eric Cayetano from the lighting set-up, video shoots and editing, audio recording and live acoustic band! What more could we ever ask for!


Yay! *after party madness* CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
ABS-CBN people :))
Havaianas 3D corner
My Boys!
another press person from Ilocos Sur. Mr GT being interviewed!
with the Rotary Club of Laoag *sponsor*
with chef and Giannis owner, Mr. Jaqui
thu-ree D guh-lasses!
Ferns Photography being interviewed!
ME!!! being all giddy while being interviewed!
the lovely and ever supportive receptionists
choco cake complements of sir Jaqui after the party.
3AM photo-op with Mr. Eric Cayetano of EM Productions
awesome singer + photographer = Ariel Pacheco!
awesome percussionist + photographer = Fernand Pascua
“awesome” hehe! kyboardist + photographer = Meimei Gatchalian

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