All afternoon long it’s with me the same song

A pre-graduation photo session with Mizpah. ❤
This was very quick photo shoot and i’m so glad it turned out to be so fun. Everything was a quickie. From make-up to wardrobe styling up to the photo shoot itself. Mizzy pulled it off so easily with her awkwardness (which we think is so awesome) and her super cute personality that i just can’t clearly put into words. She’s a paranoid little awkward person and i mean it in a super good way. It sounds weird but that’s how she even see herself. *lol* with a splash of quirky and colorific madness. 
I can barely imagine the way i described her but that is exactly what i SO mean, and that’s the closest i can get to describe how fun and weird she is at the same time. *love*
IMG_6206IMG_6192 copy copy
IMG_6231 copy
IMG_6243 copy
IMG_6267 copy
IMG_6304 copy
IMG_6313 copy
IMG_6328 copy
IMG_6324 copyIMG_6330
IMG_6393 copy
IMG_6331 copy
IMG_6407 copy

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