Warm sun and wind in my ear

EM Prods, a videography duo, *which is another thing i am a part of besides photography* was invited to collab a pre-nup shoot by Glenn Tumaneng Photography last thursday and I didn’t expect it to be so exhausting. Hehe! First of all, it was kind of a tour//photo//video shoot on the different tourist spots way up north. I wasn’t able to take a lotta photos because I was there to assist Eric of EM Prods and Mr. GT during their shoot. It was tiring to hold a huge reflector on a SUPER DUPER WINDY day. I was even able to carry the reflector HANDS-FREE on my tummy against the wind. Seriously. It was a blast though but surely tiring. I can not imagine how much energy Mr. GT has in doing these kind of shoots because one or two locations would definitely be good enough for me. Hehe!

Anyways, these are the only photos that came from my camera. Eric was using it the whole time to video shoot and was used as a back-up for his other camera. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a single photo of him that day :)) Summer is definitely here!
Me + Glenn Tumaneng @ a public beach
IMG_6923huge summer hat. O.o
IMG_6823 copy
my very own coral cocktail ring. *lol*

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