‘Cause it was US, baby..way before then.

A wonderful photo-session with one of my favorite couple. Last time i took their photos was during their wedding day when i was a super noob on weddings and event photography. Last March 8 was their first ever wedding anniversary and decided to do a photo shoot a couple of days after.
The concept was unique! They brought their own bed on the set. We wanted it on a field of flowers but since we couldn’t find a location close to that, and summer’s starting already, all the green grass of home and flowery places have withered, we decided to give the sand dunes a try. When we arrived, there was this place with a lot of pine trees that looked like bonsais and it was shady and bright and it was nice. 😛 
They also used their wedding clothes which Eia modified a bit with accessories and both wore their pairing chucks + bubbles! 😀 It was sure fun.
We went there at 7:30 in the morning finished at 10 something. The car’s battery died because my ipod was playing for hours while the light was on. Thanks to Ryan’s mom for the help in reviving our battery. We had to wait for them from San Nicolas. :)) We got home just in time for lunch with small talks and secrets. 
©MGP Photography06
©MGP Photography07
©MGP Photography02
©MGP Photography03
©MGP Photography37
©MGP Photography11
©MGP Photography10
©MGP Photography14
©MGP Photography16
©MGP Photography39
©MGP Photography40
©MGP Photography21
©MGP Photography22
©MGP Photography41
©MGP Photography42
©MGP Photography23
©MGP Photography24
©MGP Photography26
©MGP Photography31
©MGP Photography32
©MGP Photography47
©MGP Photography28
©MGP Photography46
©MGP Photography30
©MGP Photography29
©MGP Photography50
©MGP Photography34

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