Random things from before and yesterday

It’s one of those days when no matter how much I concentrate in working on something, my mind just won’t get in the zone. Anyway, i was planning to blog about how my day went yesterday and took a couple of pictures but after three shutter releases, i got lazy. Haha! Might as well post ’em now so i canΒ at leastΒ say that i finished something today. Gah!
Procrastination now going on! I hate it when i can not concentrate.Β 
Random photo spam from yesterday and 2 from last month. πŸ˜›
while working, i had strawberries + blanched cauliflowers + condensed milk for brunch!
IMG_0560 copy
i needed to take a break from the computer so i painted my nails summer!
after that, went out with eric in the afternoon to have our hair cut. I wasn’t able to take photos ’cause was too lazy. Anyway, we had the sexiest apple pie in the city for snack!!!Β 
LATE POST: Maryaneee Pictures after Red Dot Laoag’s lookbook shoot last month. πŸ˜€
hair toss failure
i loooove my job. πŸ˜€

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