There’s piece of YOU that’s here with me

Another pre-graduation photo session this March. Her name’s Mariz Triunfante and i’ve known her through hanging around and killing time in my boyfriend’s band’s studio, Lightkeys. We all used to go there after classes. Sadly, the studio closed already. It was my last year in college during those days and hooray for her, she’s graduating this March.

During her photo session, i wanted her to relax and just be the quirky and talkative girl that she is when i first met her. At first, she was sweating so much and we didn’t even start yet. I knew she was freaking out inside. Hehe! I told her not to force herself “posing” and thinking about how to move or pose. After a while, she was in the zone and all of us were having fun, chatting and telling stories, secrets and a lot of stuff during the shoot. I’m so glad she eventually came out of her shell in a short time.

Btw, i did her make up. Haha! Not that i’m seriously into doing make-up but hey, thanks to “choir life” during high school up to college, i learned how to color the face a little. Hihi!

Credits to Bianca Pastor for lighting up my photo session with a super huge reflector. It seriously is even bigger than her. Hihi.

©MGP Photography
©MGP Photography14
©MGP Photography19
©MGP Photography15
©MGP Photography06
©MGP Photography08
©MGP Photography17
©MGP Photography11
©MGP Photography28
my litol light director. 😛
when was this guy ever absent. O.o
with Mariz’s boyfie

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