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Latest and my last session for this month of March. :)) Her name’s Chevylle. A very close friend//sister since high school. This photo session was supposed to be done last October of 2010 but because our schedules never met, we play hide and seek a lot, and she barely stays and visit Laoag City, it took us up to March 2011. Finally, after months and months of finding time, i’m super glad we’ve already pulled it off!

This photo session is the most memorable one so far and here’s why:
1. It took us months to wait for the right time.

2. We brought Em, (Eric and I’s doggy) along and he accidentally bit a little kid during an empanada stop-over. We had to cover the kid’s anti-rabies injection which costs 600php+ per shot… and guess what, the kid needed 4 shots! even if Em’s already injected with his anti-rabies shot last January.

3. BJ, another high school super friend woke up early just for US! + He was an awesome light director. 🙂

4. After the shoot, we had to drop Em back at Eric’s place before we head out for lunch and the moment I got out of the van, I wasn’t aware that my Giovanni (my camera) was on my lap while i was carrying the dog… i dropped my camera with my 50mm on it. Camera is very okey-dokey but my love-lens, 50mm is broken.

5. Realized everything that happened was a roller coaster ride while BOODLE FIGHTING with Eric, Cheve and BJ. :))

You can view the whole set of photos HERE.

©MGP Photography01
©MGP Photography04
©MGP Photography10
©MGP Photography05
©MGP Photography17
©MGP Photography11
©MGP Photography12
©MGP Photography45
©MGP Photography26
©MGP Photography25
©MGP Photography23
©MGP Photography32
©MGP Photography33
©MGP Photography38
©MGP Photography37
©MGP Photography35
©MGP Photography39
©MGP Photography41
©MGP Photography40
BJ, + Me (gained weight :’c)+ Cheve
Me + Cheve
BJ 😀
before and after our boodle fight. 😛

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