Behind the Twigs and Stones

There’s this group that’s being talked about in our little city lately that has just recently made an ilocano short film entitlted Battle Twigs and Stones. They’re called Shotpoof made up of ilocanos who just did this thing for fun. Shotpoof is like the Hangover’s wolfpack without the illegal drugs. They’re just your average ilocanos who do things together = randomly thought of making a short film + laugh a lot.

Eversince they’ve uploaded their 1st video in facebook, it was an instant hit. Growing number of “Likes” and numerous facebook users shared youtube links and so on until it’s popularity got them into the local TV news, and some online/blog features.Β 
You can watch the film >>HERE<<
Because of its popularity, Shotpoof was inspired *or may have felt obligated* to film a part 2 of the Battle Twigs and Stones due to a lot of demanding viewers *or fans*. Since Eric and I were not able to be with them on the first part because our schedules couldn’t meet, this time Eric of EM Productions made it. They had their first video shoot with Gyver Lauricio, a budding videographer in our little city long with the web designer Jonathan Lafrades who takes care of all the visual effects in the film, headed by Dondee Tayamen, the screenplay writer of Battle Twigs and Stones + the other cool people of Shotpoof who eventually became actors together with Eric, Jonathan, and Dondee as well.
I was able to shoot behind the scenes + laugh hard with the group because they are just so amazing! I’m so glad to have been invited, me and eric to be part of their coolness! Anyway, enjoy the photos everyone!
rehearsing their lines + getting in the zone!
Yay! me and my camera shooting behind the “laughing” scenes *from kuya Jason’s camera*
the weapon!
That’s Eric. πŸ˜€
videographer Gyver in action!
the eco pistol
i don’t get this. Haha!
preparation area
eco guns!
ze girls. πŸ™‚
ShotPoof Group Hug!

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  1. cool! i love the movie “mayat ah mga sir”…where making a video our concepts is like your movie for our project in our multimedia subject …are location is baguio city so want join our group joke ness…


  2. Wow! Super cool blogger talaga! I admire the content of your blogs. Thanks for the pics. I'm going to post also some BTS of SHOTPOOF. Congrats Mayanne for this blog and congrats SHOTPOOF. Another excellent work! Greats shots! Brilliant Minds!

    -Jason F.


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