The after of the noon

I tweeted a couple of days ago that from that day onwards, i have decided to bring my camera along with me as much as i can. I have very bulky camera and i only use it when i really have a photo shoot scheduled and of course, when i have to cover these mini events.
So now, no matter how random this post is going to be, i will blog how my day went..well at least a part of how my day went. 🙂 This afternoon we went to the cemetery to visit our super loved granpa. It was a bit windy and the sun was almost setting + the sky was orange-pinkish. These were the kind of moments when I always wished of having my camera along with me. I didn’t let this afternoon pass without being able to take photos and to be photographed, of course.
I usually upload my photos through flickr then post ’em here but because flickr’s page won’t load for i have no idea of, might as well try blogger’s photo sharing system then.
I hope you enjoy these little pieces of my life, my photographs. 🙂

mother + granma’s totes

my cute granma love ❤

notice the neon kite?

marielle’s rainbow nails
this is me + fat legs + ugly hair


and our neighborhood. I like how it looks outside when the streetlights are turned on when it’s almost getting dark.

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