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This is Glenn Tumaneng. A photographer, a good friend, and he might not know this but I consider him as my mentor in photography. This artist has thought me a LOT by just tagging me and other photographer friends along when it comes to work. He is an inspiration.

I just got home and had to immediately post about this. Sir Glenn just recently had a random act of kindness, and he wanted everyone to join in, to give us the opportunity to give back and help a friend in need. He advertised an open photo shoot entitled “Black is Back” for a friend who is undergoing dialysis for a long time already. It is a three-day event and very open for all who would love to give love and help.


Today was the last day of the shoot and 2 of my friends, and my boyfriend was fortunate enough to be at least a part of it. The moment we were at GT’s place, i immediately asked if it was ok to shoot behind the scenes and he said yes. Little did he know that this post is going to be one of my most important article. πŸ™‚ So I guess i better make it easy enough to understand.

This post goes out to my very mentor whom I secretly *haha* respect. A lot of people may not know about him, maybe only his circle of friends know how much kindness GT has in his heart no matter how others would try to put him down. The stories he always share shows how much humility he has and he never cease to inspire.


That is why, whether he’ll like this or not, i can not help myself not to post this super simple way of mine to thank GT first for giving me the opportunity to take his photos while he was working *hihi*, secondly, for giving me, Eric and my friends the opportunity to help for a cause, and for the trust and friendship he always gives… to anyone! πŸ™‚ Also, because i feel like he’s not been seen, minded, and heard during the moments i think he deserved to be.

Keep it up and more inspiring GT experiences to come! *party party please* haha!


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