Ignite the Light: A Photography Tip

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Have you ever noticed how some photos have that summer-y, fun and happy atmosphere in them, it somehow gives you a magical feeling? If you ever wondered *like i did* how in the world do photographers do it, I’m here to show you how super duper easy it is to achieve the magic because you don’t need to be a pro to be able to take lovely photos. All you need is the right amount of love and obsession for taking photos. Shall we start? This is going to be fun, I promise!
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There’s no need to panic on how to achieve that “magical feel” because all you need are 3 things. You have to have your camera, your subject, and some magic = which is light. Now before you head out and start taking photos, let me just give you some tips I’ve learned throughout my little photographic journey because this is one trick photoshop can’t even manipulate to make it look natural.
Always keep in mind that Gold means Light:
Picture 090
The Golden Light – this is the time of day you would want to shoot in order to make your photos achieve the effect. Usually, it’s during sunrise and during sunset. These times are also often called as the Golden Hours because it is during the time of the day when the sun shines from the side which gives a lovely soft, warm, directional light that’s just perfect enough to take photos.
It’s soft because more than often, you can let your subjects face the light straight on. If it weren’t, how can we ever enjoy a lovely sunset!
The warm tones of the golden light makes your subject’s skin tone look a bit tanned and flattering. Also, the color temperature it gives is just stunning!
©MGP Photography25
Now that you’re familiar with our secret ingredient, I would like to show you some of the simple techniques in using the magic for your photos.
Front Lighting – let your subject face the light and shoot to your heart’s content! Who needs fill-flash when you have magic!
front light
Back Lighting – you can also shoot with the sun behind your subject. This gives a warm glow around your subjects and when shooting portraits, it makes hair glow! *teehee*
Silhouette – It’s a photo that’s intentionally total back-lighted! Let your subject block the sun and you get this lovely shape from your very under-exposed subject. It’s fun to experiment with silhouettes!
Flares – Just like backlighting, let the sun peep a bit from the edge of your subject, do not let the subject totally cover the sunlight or else you’d come up with a silhouette. Once you get that amount of light peeping through, it reflects on your lens and gives that magical flare!
Shadows – shadows are more defined during directional light. Try to play with shadow patterns as you take photos with golden light!
Here are more of my photos taken during the golden hour.
Enjoy the magic! 😀
IMG Film (3)
©MGP Photography37
©MGP Photography21
©MGP Photography17
Image (3)
©MGP Photography (22)
Picture 107
Picture 233

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  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing. Your photos are really awesome. By the way how do you take photos witj the sun behind the subject? Because whenever i do it the face of the subject appears darker sometimes it appears like silhouette which shouldnt be. Thanks in advance


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