Royalty Heels

I had another product shoot for Royalty Heels and Dresses and this time, it’s less catalogue-ish and a bit commercial. Other than that, it excites me to see how it finally turned out. The product pops + Models’ persona shows naturally = makes me and client happy. 😀
Models: Angel Dei Peralta & Stephen Chua
These photos were shot behind the church in Sarrat. Lovely, lovely place!
Enjoy and don’t forget to visit ROYALTY HEELS
©MGP Photography05
©MGP Photography08
©MGP Photography10
©MGP Photography15
©MGP Photography23
©MGP Photography24
©MGP Photography26
©MGP Photography31
<©MGP Photography45
©MGP Photography46
©MGP Photography63
©MGP Photography64
©MGP Photography66
©MGP Photography74
©MGP Photography77

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