Éblouissant by Dei Cimatu

Finally had the chance to do a little beauty shoot for my portfolio. I’ve been meaning to try it a couple of months ago but do not know how to start. Super duper great timing, Dei has started her own line of jewelry, particularly neck pieces and asked if she’s willing to lend her designs for a shoot. She was down for it and again, super great timing, Dei was able to have a quick visit to ilocos for some important appointments with a very tight schedule. It was frustrating to set dates, goes to show i’m no good with coordinating even for just a super short photo session. Haha!

Anyway, once Dei was down for the idea, I immediately mentioned it to Ericke since Dei imagined her to be ze face of Éblouissant and she said Yes. We had some schedule issues but thank God it all went so well.

Tucked Ronan along and he brought James Burn which made the shoot more fun. We had a lotta laughs and chikas. 😀 Eric and I set up a “studio” with some DIY lights and stuff which he’s so awesome at and voila, did the shoot in a couple of hours and we all went off to La tabacalera’s opening. 😀 

Thanks Dei, Ericke, Ronan, JamesBurn and Eric. ♥

JUST RECENTLY, I found out Dei’s pieces are getting popular so fast! Heard from her when I was about to reserve an order that some of her pieces were being used by THE Venus Raj for a photo shoot and Lovi Poe too used it on a TV show. I feel super lucky to be able to take photos of Dei’s pieces first before she gets super popular! And of course, i’m super proud of her! 😀 Her pieces are now displayed just beside the city museum, so if you happen to be in Laoag City, don’t forget to drop by Lacasa at La tabacalera and grab Dei’s classy neck piece designs!

Enjoy the photos!


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