Behind the Twigs and Stones: PART 2

Remember when I posted about this again last year:
Well, SHOTPOOF has been on hiatus for quite a long time and found it hard to continue shooting because of mixed schedules and maybe because of procrastination until just a couple of weeks ago, they made it to the national news. Their first video on youtube entitled “Battle Twigs and Stones” became viral  ever since the nation wide exposure through Marc Logan’s segment on TV Patrol came about. They gained a lot of fans, had numerous views on youtube in an instant, while others even came up with their own version inspired with the same concept using vegetables! Because of that, the public demands a part II of Twigs and Stones ASAP! 
Just this month, the hiatus has stopped and they’ve worked their asses off to continue and finally finish part II. The moment they announced the shoot dates, we all made time for it.. i count myself in of course! I wouldn’t want to miss any of it! Haha! It was an awesome 3 Saturday shoot with Shotpoof and they’ve finally finished shooting just for the sake of their avid youtube viewers, facebook friends, and how could i ever forget to mention the first reason of them making these awesome videos, they did this just for fun! Who would’ve thought they’d get into the spotlight and became the talk of the town for quite some time. 🙂 Unlike most actors and artists, despite the ZERO budget for the shoot, except for the generosity of Playa Tropical Resort and Chowking Laoag feeding us, Gyver Lauricio and EM Prod’s cameras and equipments, Jonathan Lafrades’ and Dondee Tayamen’s direction and post-processing skills, not to mention all the actors, P.A.’s, costume and prop handlers, everyone’s effort was compensated with countless laughters, get-togethers, food trips, and a couple of late night drinks… which was okay with all of us because we really didn’t have any choice. Haha!
I am so proud of Shotpoof! They are so cool, they care less about getting paid for creativity’s sake! *although it always depends if a big-time offer is at stake, that i believe is hard to resist* HAHA! I sure can’t wait for Part II to hit the interweb! I hope they won’t keep us waiting longer than last year 🙂
“Like” Twigs & Stones on Facebook for updates on when they’re going to air part II:
Here are the behind the scene photos.. get ready for a photo spam!!! ENJOY!
*click photos for larger views*

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