Red Dot’s Scarfy Challenge

I received a goodie box from Red Dot yesterday and thought it’s one of their classy ways and idea as invitation for an event but it wasn’t. I even thought it’s a post-valentine gift since the box had this cute red bow and hearts on it.

The insides: That’s the stunning Katherine Domingo
Photo’d by: Ivon of Viewfinders Keepers
Styled by: Ericke of Surprisingly Kitsch
Well, this might sound out of my league since i’m a photographer and I was never an icon or inspiration in the “fash” scene but being chosen to be a part for Red Dot’s little 7 for 7 Challenge is really a privilege. Before i let you know what the goodie box is wall about, please don’t judge. Haha! So here goes.
the little note from Red Dot
my quirky scarf 🙂
I have to admit, I got excited and a little anxious because i seriously am not confident to blog about or even talk about my sense of style which i sometimes think and believe do not exist. I now realize how tedious it is for fashion bloggers to update their websites. Like taking photos, creativity is a MUST! But i had nothing in mind! haha! So for the mean time, I just wanted to try it out and if i get into this in the long run, i promise to be more “stylish” and creative using my Red Dot scarf. I don’t know if i’m going to consider this as my “first look” but oh well, there’s nothing more easier to wear a scarf than to wear it as a scarf itself! Haha!
I wore it while photo-covering a children’s birthday party this afternoon. 🙂 At least it gave an “umph” of color to my laid back outfit. 🙂  Please don’t judge. Hahaha!

So for now, you have to grab yourselves a scarf in RED DOT (add them in facebook too!) so you can join me and let’s all see how this 7 for 7 Challenge which I now call as “My Scarf Journey” goes. Bring it on!

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