Make-Up Workshop x Mara Manuel

A dear friend and the very, very gorgeous make-up artist, Mara Manuel did a Basic Skin Care and Make-Up workshop last May 1st. Trained by her mentor Ms. Bianca Valerio, she definitely knows what she’s talking about. I always call her, the Bianca V. of the north. 😀
Her favorite make-up book by her favorite mentor. 🙂

With the help, mega “kulitness” and encouragement of fellow blogger Ms Tricia also the co-owner of the venue (Goto Love It! – this foodie spot i’ll be blogging about on another post :D) where the mini workshop took place, a very fun girl bonding + make-up session + quickie photo shoot was in store.
During the session, April from ABSCBN Laoag showed up with a mic and a videoman. Although invited to join the little get-together after her work since she’s a busy bee, we didn’t expect she actually came to report for the local news! How sneaky! It was quick and fun though, although there were a lot of laughs.
My personal favorite part? THE FREEBIES!
You can contact Ms. Mara Manuel for make-up services and tutorials, beauty consultation, also lectures regarding personality development, and anything make-up related! She specializes in airbrush make-up too!
Mobile: +639081200447
Visit: Ellietoes Hand and Foot Care Center // Rizal St., beside Papa Pau’s Diner
And the photos… enjoy!
fellow blogger Tricia and co-owner of Goto Love it! + April Rafales, ABSCBN reporter
The mighty BB cream from Colour Collection
adorable Kimi Doll ink eyeliner
little make-up palette for starters!
Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss
really cute set of make-up brushes!

Watch the video made by EM Productions:


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  1. Ms Mara Manuel emphasized during the workshop on using make-up for those who want to look fresh + healthy skin kaya the girls did a “barely there” make-up/look to enhance their pretty faces. Hindi naman po kailangang magbago ang itsura pag nka-make up ka. It should complement you not transform your face. Unless you're aiming for a theme to make one look like something. 🙂


  2. Thank you Ms. Marianne.

    Opo, wala pong nabago, nakulayan lang. May masama po ba kung walang nagbago? we'll in fact I don't really go for the “make-up make-up” look. Kung ang orientation mo sa paglalagay ng makeup is kelangan nababago ang itsura, I respect that But in my case, sa 2-3 years on going study ko regarding Makeup and Personality Development,it's not literally makeup ang aim ng workshop kundi ang pag dedevelop ng confidence and personality ng isang tao.

    And..FYI with respect to My Lovely PROFESSIONAL Guests who did their makeup during the shoot. I only helped them on the application/strokes and colors.

    But thank you for your comment. I appreciate it. Thanks!- Mara


  3. i see the difference between the 'before' and 'after'. that's called enhancement. the workshop did not aim to change the women into walking plastic dolls overdone with make-up. the workshop saw that beauty in these women and banked on them, highlighted them with a little help of make-up.

    it taught them the proper skin care, right shades to use, correct application, right products, etc etc.

    it basically taught them discipline. again this is called enhancement.

    but it would be insufficient for us to discuss this to u over a comment box. please feel free to join the next workshop. sincerely. =)


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