Bloggers Meet-up

Usec. Manuel “Manolo” Quezon III, the Commonwealth President’s grandson visited Ilocos Norte and wished to meet bloggers from the Ilocos grounds last May 4th. I was privileged to receive an invite from a fellow blogger Mr. Herdy Yumul who organized the whole thing.

I was hesitant at first because first of all, I’m a photo-blogger and I rarely write about issues in here. I am not as opinionated as most bloggers/writers neither am I in person and I always (only) blog about what I captured with my camera. But still, it was an honor. 🙂 This is the first time ever bloggers from ilocos norte are coming together and I sure didn’t want to miss it!

I had to run to the meeting because I had a photo shoot in the morning and we finished after lunch. I ended up being 20-minutes late. So uncool!

Sir. MMQIII’s meet-up with us was very informative. There were discussions and all I did was listen and agree (by means of nodding) to some insights. It was nice to know that the government is now aware of bloggers and the power, risks, and capabilities of what blogging can do. I learned a lot specially about preserving our culture and how blogging has such strong influence to the social network.

It was also wonderful to see that there were quite a number of ilocanos who blog. The only ones i know personally were Blauearth, Surprisingly Kitsch, Ms Tricia, Mam Ritchelle Dejolde, Ilocos Futures, Doc Edwin, and the man behind Riknakem. I’m looking forward to another meet-up though and get to know more of the other bloggers as well. 🙂

Enjoy the photos!


Usec. Manuel “Manolo” Quezon III
the man behind
empanada + ginittaan 🙂 
guy in pink:
the lovely
Ms. Tricia + ME + Usec. MMQ III ( Thank you for taking our photo! :D)
Ericke  + Tricia

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