I wanna see your Polka Dot-dot

I just came home from Red Dot’s launching of Polka Dot. It’s their new line which includes shoes, bags, accessories, and clothes that’ll only be available exclusively at www.shopreddot.ph 🙂 It was a night of shopping for the playful, sweet, edgy and young (even young at heart) girls!

Eric and I are super happy for Red Dot. Having been part of the preparation behind the scenes, it was excruciating yet passion in doing things we love got the whole of us. It was like work but more play at the same time. Working with Visionaire, Inc. (the company that owns Red Dot) is a pleasure indeed. 🙂

Because I can’t wait for more legit pictures from friends and fellow bloggers of how the event was so fab and girly, i’m too excited to show you guys the not-so-many pictures i took. Almost everyone including myself was too busy and enjoying mingling with each other.

We arrived a little late..boo! 😦 Eric and I weren’t able to watch the fashion video and video montage he edited. I was excited about that part too aside from the shopping part. Our eldest sister was super sweet enough to treat us to shop with a minimum amount. Haha! I got myself some wrist-blings and my other sister got herself a really cute sheer-topped one piece dress. I’ve been eyeing on a necklace and some tops but because we got there a li’l late, i guess someone must’ve gotten them items already or maybe i just couldn’t find it from all the crazy shopping going on. 🙂 Getting first dibs before it goes online, how awesome is that! We were like hoarders. Haha!

And how could I ever forget to mention, let me just say that the food was soooo good! Specially the cute dessert corner, i’d love to know where the macaroons came from! I never thought myself of having a sweet tooth until I had those sweets!

I will stop writing now so you’ll know what I mean. Haha! I will update this post with more photos as soon as I get a copy of them. For now, here’s a sneak peek!

Lovely, Ericke, Ivon
Ericke’s mom, Ms Tina of Blauearth.com
with China, with A(with a Crown)
Eric (in white) with friends, also official photogs: GT and Ferns
with Miss Tricia + Miss KC + Miss Mara
Shopping at night!
so cool! Decors by Kit+Ace of Ava’s ; wall art by McShine
These lovely macaroons are TDF!
Sisters Marielle (in black) and Ria (in brown) with Ria’s officemates. Also, blogger Miss Tin of Frozen Blossoms in blue 🙂

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  1. Thnaks Ms Ochi! You have no idea how you made me feel better tonight.. just got home from an event shoot and i'm dead tired but it's all better now! Thanks for dropping by, dear! P.S. i checked out your blog, wonderful reads! love your layout too!


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