Instagram: i joined not because it’s popular

Ok, i admit. Instagram is addictive. I started my account with my sister’s Netphone which I borrowed for barely a year because I couldn’t afford to have an iPhone. Instagram was exclusive for iPhone users back then but when it was released for Android phones, like a dream come true (lol), I made an account. 
With the Netphone, i managed to take photos for mg IG despite its pictures being not so crisp and very desaturated. Just recently, I gave my sister’s cellphone back because I now have my very own phone camera… which is awesome, btw. *hint: it’s a samsung*
Now that I am able to take sharp and vivid pictures with my celly, nothing can stop my desire for taking pictures and sharing them to you guys! You see, it’s not very handy to take my dSLR everywhere although sometimes i wish i could but it’s just too heavy and if i do, i’d need to have another bag for it. O.o At least with a cellphone camera, i’m good to go.
I’ve been very choosy with my instagram uploads. I make sure it sums up to how my day actually is about, my random finds, and everything i feel that’s worth sharing and worth taking photo of. I have been telling ever since why i show my photos online for all the world to see. I want to inspire YOU. I really wish and hope my works, no matter how simple they might be, can ignite that little light in your heart and make you discover beautiful things through photography.
I started with a Nokia 3650, had my very own dSLR, made a profession out of it, and here am I again, starting another chapter.. with a cellphone. 
Believe me when I say it’s not in the type or brand of camera you use. It’s within you than makes a beautiful photo. 
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Enjoy the photos and click on!

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  1. Inspiring photos and yes instagram is addictiv. I began with Instagram when the Fotographic museeum here in Stockholm invited us to join in on a instawalk. Very funny. I didn't like it at first because i thought it was so hard to take photos with the smartphone. Another way of thinking when you take a photo. But with a little practice it is better. Still practicing and with you as a inspiration it will be more then fine.Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos/ Sahra


  2. Howdy ! I simply wanted to tell the fact that you sure managed to build a marvelous resource. Will you be so nice and answer my question. Did you take place in some blogging competitions?


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