Mara’s Crib: Sassy place for the sassy ones

“Mara Manuel”
Does it ring a bell? In this blog and where the city i’m in, it absolutely does! The very gorgeous make-up artist, beauty consultant, personality development trainor, and all-around sassy ilocana now has her very own “center”.
I’ve worked with Mara for quite a number of projects already. Some i can recall are her make-up tutorials, my photo sessions, Belladitas events, and so much more; we always had stories to tell every after a collab. 
Working freelance as a make-up artist and beauty consultant within her super busy schedule, she used to manage a spa which was owned by his uncle, located near the heart of the city and still managed to keep it all hyped up and blooming. Ms. Mara Manuel would also get invitations from different universities and companies inside and out of the province to speak about personality development, beauty care, and even make-up.
Being around her, the laughter never stops. Seriously. She’s been super blessed with her freelance career. How much more blessed can she get knowing that she’s with a family that supports her all the way, a long-distance yet still awesomely strong lovelife, and a handful of friends to hang out with.
Because of this, her very busy and challenging life brought out the best in her. Now that she decided to finally have something to call her own, she’s been cooking up something for months and now, Mara’s Crib is born.
Just last Sunday was her office//beauty center//spa’s blessing and unfortunately, we we’rent able to attend on time due to our busy schedule as well. Being the “patient” friend that she is, (haha) she sweetly waited for us to arrive event if it was late already. 😀
Here’s a sneak peek of her cute space: Mara’s Crib // located at Lagasca Street, front of Dingras terminal, Laoag City
As of now, she accepts clients with booked appointments. This means you can have the cute space all by yourself on your desired time! How sweet is that!
oh yes! the “lazy boy” couch! I’d sleep on that!
The all-time favorite BB Cream from Colour Collection is available at Mara’s Crib!
Also available in the center is the must-have EOS lip balm
grab your very own Victoria’s Secret lip gloss there too
and this cutey-patootie kimi doll liquid eyeliner!

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