Thoughts and these Thought Journals

Before photography and blogging came into my list of interests which apparently turned out as my current medium of self expression, i was always the type of girl who would adore pretty journals or craft notebooks just to have somewhere to write all these popping thoughts in my head. Yes, i loved writing. I loved jotting down my opinions and feelings in paper. Not only me, actually. All of my sisters and cousins had the writer’s bug. We always believed it was in the genes because we were not formally taught or tutored.

I believe that the bug was influenced through our grandfather. He is an awesome writer. During his days, he would write play scripts for their little town’s fiestas and other celebrations. He’s famous for his hilarious and very sarcastic iluko writings. I bet if he’d have his own blog during this time, he’d be in jail in no time for going against the policies of the newly installed “Cybercrime Law” in the Philippines.   Many writers in our town, young and old would always refer to him as “Mr. Gaces” and sometimes if we come across one of them like for instance in an event, they could still mention something they’d learned from him which is really heartwarming to hear.

I can proudly say that my grandfather is an inspiration to me, my sisters, my cousins, and to so many writers in this little town. He did not only influence us because i even feel more than lucky to have a strand of his genetics. Honestly, I never really thought of taking this blog seriously. The sole purpose of this blog is for me to have an avenue of sharing only my photos and nothing more but I just couldn’t help it when there’s an urge to write (type) something. I guess it’s hard to let go of the old ways.

So, to bring life to what brought me, and most bloggers (i believe) into the blog-o-sphere, also to people who just love to let their expressions free, let me introduce you to THOUGHT JOURNALS.

THOUGHT JOURNALS are neat and simple journal notebooks with fun prints, mostly from scanned Inabel cloths which is our Ilocos’ very own pride and expression of art. These journals are fit for the ones who love to express and inspire through writing… even doodling and scrapbooking! Actually anything that involves art and paper. 😀 
New prints! Aztecs, Embroidery, and a scanned Rug! 😀
These journals have 2 different kinds of paper in one book (brown craft paper type and a book paper type) to make your journey to art and expression more fun. It has no lines so you’re free to write, doodle, or do anything with every page to infinity and beyooooond!
They are adorable! Specially the Inabel prints. FYI, these were printed and made in Crown Printers, and they’ve added a few aztec prints for the hip and funky person in you. I encourage you to grab your very own now only at Samtoy Books (La Tabacalera Lifestyle Center, beside Muesoe Iloco, Laoag City) because last time I checked, they are selling really fast!
Also, while you’re at Samtoy Books, you guys might want to check out these animal print gift wrappers. Christmas is just around the corner and you better have a handful of gift wrappers in stock! They also have craft boxes (forgot to take a photo) with the same prints as the wrappers. Everything created by Crown Printers. 😀

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