Before anything else, I would like to say a huge THANKS to Blauearth & Bevolee for adding up to my wonderful and sunny morning! Your kind words and generous link-backs on your recent posts are much appreciated and in behalf of the makers of Thought Journals, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

A post from the ultimate wanderer, who never run out of passion to explore beautiful places, good food, and thrilling experiences, Blauearth:
A lovely post from an artist, also a photographer and illustrator of everything pretty from the UK who won my 2nd blog giveaway last year, Bev:

FYI, the both of you have been in my blogroll for a long time already. Haha! I don’t know if you guys ever noticed my left sidebar. 😛
Anywaaaaay, back to my FIVE-FRAME CHALLENGE topic. *hihi*

It was a breather to have another walk along our little city after all the chaotic schedule we had last month. We were supposed to be working last night but it got cancelled on short notice. Instead, Eric and I decided we had a short walk along the market to the park with our cameras on. He took videos and I took a couple of frames.. five frames to be exact. I don’t know why but sometimes I tend to make my own rules for no apparent reason.

Last night’s walk turned out quite well with my 5-frame challenge. Although the pictures didn’t come out pretty amazing, I managed to abide by my rules, i must say. I tweaked it into black and white and added a touch of film noise because I absolutely love the combination of the two.
Enjoy the photos!

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