ICON: A Kids’ Personality Dev’t Workshop

Why not try something new this summer! My good friend Mara Manuel has been speaking in different colleges and companies over the past year up to now regarding Personality Development and this summer, she came up with a wonderful idea: Why not train the same thing to kids? Thus, ICON came to existence!
ICON is a Personality Development Workshop for kids where they will be able to learn how to deal socially, also help understand the aspects of building an Image, Confidence, Optimism, and Name at an early age.
This summer workshop will start on APRIL 8, 2013 and is open for kids from ages 6-12 years old. ENROLLMENT has already started and is still going on!
For inquiries, contact Ms. Mara Manuel – +639081200447
ICON aims to let your child be able to learn in-depth information about themselves and in the process, be able to understand the people around them as well. Also, to instill in them the value of self-discipline as a contributing factor in achieving success, develop awareness as to choices that they have to make to help them prepare for their future, and acquire knowledge and skills to build their confidence.
Here’s more information about the courses that will be taught in the program:

I. Personality Development and Self Confidence Exercises
-Public Speaking
-Social Graces and Proper Etiquette
-Power Dressing and Grooming/Hygiene

II. Acting/Ramp Modeling
-Poise and Posture
-Body Language

III. Career Orientation
-Meeting different Personalities in Business and other career
-On Field Activities

IV. Culminating Activity
-A showcase of Talents

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