Ilocos Shooters Org’s JUNIORS

ISO for short was formed for the love of photography. Photographers, also videographers of all sorts from Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur has been keeping the camaraderie alive ever since it was formed 3 years ago. No labels, level of expertise, competition, or preferred tags allowed! Hobbyists, newbies, professionals, even the curious ones make ISO. Soooooo, if you think you’re one, you might as well dust off that “shy powder” and JOIN US!
Logo by Ariel Pacheco
I haven’t mentioned that Eric and I have been part of this group from the beginning. I’ve been waiting for the right time to blog about it and I guess this is it. 🙂
Just recently, the group decided to join in the youngsters! What’s the point of starting a photo club if your only goal was to “get to know & share photos”, right? ISO’s heart beat to inspire and so does this blog. I totally felt a mini heart-attack when the group came up with this. I was down for it in a heartbeat! Let your kids be a part of ISO Juniors and we bet our lives, they’re going to have a blast in learning photography with us! 🙂
And to welcome our little photographers from our chapter, Ilocos Norte we did an innie-mini seminar-workshop in a day. I was the first speaker and shared to our lovely minions a couple of tips and tricks in taking Street Photography since they’ll be having a photo-walk and a mini contest in the afternoon.
Kuya Ferns, fellow ISO and colleague took over together with Kuya KB aka “Zoomrow” and talked about a bit of Basic Photography and Post-Processing.
Eric and I left the activity early because we had to attend to another event. We weren’t able to tag along during the photo walk although I’m pretty sure the kids enjoyed so much! Thanks to Kuya Ferns & our new member, Kuya Marvin Viernes, i was able to grab a couple of photos taken behind the scenes. 🙂 ENJOY!

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