Marina and the Diamonds has been keeping me company lately during my late night dramas. Her voice is like an actress itself portraying her lines and she does it so perfectly. Her songs Girls, Simplify, and Are You Satisfied are a few of my personal favorites.
It’s always good to remind yourself not to totally let yourself go with the flow just because everyone else is already specially when you know it’s not what your heart is beating for. Life makes constant changes but there are little things that make you who you are which should remain. This means being true to yourself and to the people around you so that no matter what you do, you won’t have to explain yourself because they see you clearly.
I’ve learned this thru people who’d always enjoy the habit of comparing. I learned to be consistent with my work no matter how others try to push in my zone to care about things I really shouldn’t care about. I’ve learned to set a strainer to sift only the ones that’ll keep me from turning away to where I should be. I’ve learned to smile while listening and not say a word back. In return, you’ll see how others would explain their self in midair, talk about their majestic masterpieces with the most complicated adjectives just to feel liked or even loved. I tell you, life will be more entertaining when you enjoy what you’re doing.

On the other hand, let me share you these photos inspired with my favorite film, the Kodak Portra 160NC. Enjoy!

Categories: photography, travel

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