I’ve been staying up until 3AM and waking up at 10 in the morning for almost a week and a half already. Fortunately, it’s not always like this but when it is, the drill is having to squeeze all work loads as fast as I can because they always come with simultaneous deadlines. It’s hard to keep it a habit although sometimes I wish it’ll turn out to be but all I end up doing is complain about headaches, back pains, getting tired and sick in twitter or facebook in the midst of working. Haha! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy every bit of stress actually during post-photoshoots. Enjoying it is the only way to keep me sane and help me concentrate at the same time. Uhuh, positivity is the key! But when it comes to complaining, i just can’t help it especially when i’m out of ideas and good music to play on itunes.

Luckily, I still get to go out for a while during day time. Well, only to do errands and attend a couple of inquiries. A friend actually is already missing me terribly, i feel like he’s starting to hate me. Haha! I can not wait to go out soon after i finish all my work loads!

By the way, I had my hair cut short 2 weeks ago. It was unplanned. I like it though. It cooled me down a hundred times because lately, this city feels like it’s burning coals during daytime, I sweat right away even after taking a shower.. or maybe because i’m fat. I think I gained weight, although my mom’s the only one who said so. I don’t know who to believe because ever since I had my hair shortened, almost everyone said I looked like I lost a little weight so I guess.. whatever. I’ll just have to start another GM diet when I feel like to.

Also, I thought of having my own little..okay – super “innie minnie” workstation in our living room because working in my room is like not working at all. The bed is just a few inches away from me and the moment I look at it, it summons me to take a break even when i’ve just started working. It is the hardest thing to resist. Really.

Aside from promising myself to make up for a friend who’s “been missing me terribly, I feel like he’s starting to hate me,” I told myself i’m going to shoot more film. I just recently purchased two rolls a couple of days ago when I had my digital shots printed. The owner of the shop wasn’t even too convinced I still use film. I wish there was a shop that would develop film rolls and save it digitally though. It’s so expensive to have them printed, it’s pricier than digital prints. Oh well. I can’t wait to use my toy cameras!

Anyway, back to them unfinished business. Goodnight sleepyheads! 

Categories: photography

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