For the past weeks, Eric and I have been in a relationship with our collaborative work. We barely go out to just “hang out” although I’ve missed those times terribly.. specially with friends. We go out to talk, plan, evaluate and give a heads up on each other’s work. It’s almost like date nights but discard the boyfriend-girlfriend, cheesy and melodramatic moments we both find mundane and cornballs. I know.. we’re not fun. Maybe that’s why we’ve been stuck together for 8 years and counting. I can not quite comprehend how we work hand in hand as a team when it comes to collaborating without setting aside the fact that we are together. We robotically shift and talk like professionals when it comes to work. I don’t get it. When I come to think of it, it should be complicated but we’re absolutely doing fine, enjoying so much too if I might add.

I spend a lot of time with Eric, almost evuh-ree-day! Sometimes i think that maybe the people close to us are even getting sick of seeing us together anywhere, all the friggin’ time. But seriously, even the both of us miss each other. We only get to talk like annoying teenagers through our phones. We meet almost everyday but rarely talk about random sweet nothings. See, i told you we’re not fun.. but this is our definition of fun. Haha! *doubt face here*

Last night, after calming my headache and a stubborn dysmenorrhea, we decided to go to Tribeca to talk about recent projects, plan collabs, criticize each other’s work, and talk about other topics related to our field of boringness slash artistry… *-ish* 
Anyway, we wanted coffee by our side but the cafes near our area were full. Tribeca was just right, we thought. Not a lot of late nighters go there for some caffeine fix and it was quite a very long time since we last went there so visiting it last night was another reason. 

While Eric was busy talking and doodling on our thought journal, I was taking photos.. while talking and talking and moving around and talking again. He gets agitated easily when I don’t get in the zone with his concentration and seriousness which he would like to term as “professionalism.” It ticks me off  when he starts a debate because it’s hard for me to pay attention when I have the camera with me but sorry i’m not sorry, man. I can’t help taking pictures sometimes. So he ends up dealing with it by acting more serious and I end up with the same thing because we’re “both understanding of each other.”

We ended our meeting with some pretty balanced collision of ideas and “goal projects” after having 2 slices of Tribeca’s chocolate-chip cheesecake and a jar each of iced cafe mochas. 

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