Bon Appe TEA

I was kidnapped a couple of days ago by my make-up artist friend and colleague, Mara on a sunny afternoon for a short get-away during work. We made sure not to miss the soft opening of the new tea house / cafe that’s just around the corner in 365 plaza so off we went to Bon Appe Tea!
It’s the new tea place you guys have to try! I personally love their tea mixes. It’s not too sweet and the fruit infusions are just right to tingle my senses. I am not a fan of milk teas because it’s too heavy on the tummy and i usually can’t finish a medium cup but when i tried their Peachsicle milk tea, i really enjoyed how light and fruity it was, i finished my whole medium cup. Another thing that hits a spot is their menu of waffles. You just got to have their waffles with your tea and frappe fixes!Β 
It’s Saturday today, Oct 19th which means it’s their Grand opening! Enjoy the photos and head on to Bon Appe TEA already. πŸ™‚

if you’re not sure what to order, they have a list of their best sellers on the counter to help you out! πŸ˜€
Mara, my official kidnapper!
We arrived and saw Blogger/Hotel Manager Tricia with her friend Ms Ivy having an afternoon tea dateΒ // Here, they’re with Bon Appe Tea owner: Wynie Butay was very much accommodating and friendly and fun to talk to. πŸ™‚
Hah! I love how my wooden phone case blends so well with the table πŸ˜€
I had a fruit infused tea called Nirvana πŸ™‚
Mara’s SaltΒ + Cheese with Wintermelon tea
They serve really good belgian waffles & there’s a lot to choose from too!Β 
Boxing classmate, Ms. Nicole came to catch up!
and theeeeeen the next day, Eric and I had to have breakfast there. Haha! Tricia is always present, her hotel is just above the cafe itself. O.o Kudos to the owner Wynie, who happen to have a great taste in music, Eric couldn’t help letting me ask what was the cafe’s playlist. It just sets all the wonderful vibe in place!Β 
Eric had Caramel Macchiato and I had Peachsicle Milk tea πŸ™‚
Never leave without a mark!


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