Happy Three Friends

Carbo loading before the year ends with Soveraine & Blauearth was a blast! We even had it exclusively on Baker’s Percent’s giant bread factory. We’ve been meaning to meet up, hang out for quite a while already and thank heavens the sun was gleaming with hope, weather was december-ly cool, and the three of us finally made the time. 
Ms Tina Tan of Blauearth, our ultimate itinerary planner decided we get to feature a local bakery that has made its way to the tummies of a lot of locals. Since it’s just a couple of steps beside their place, she got to talk to the Store Manager if we can visit their production area, and in a couple of calls and a short waiting game, we finally got a thumbs up. Pardon our lack of planning, bloggers love to crash… rather, we don’t really plan. 😀

Thanks to stores manager, Ms. S Acoba Pacheco who made our itinerary possible in an instant & also became our tour guide the whole time. You can get a hold of their yummy goodness at their stores located along Rizal Street, Robinsons Ilocos Norte, and along Airport Road.

Their famous Pizza Bread which i personally love. Raine hasn’t tasted it yet but so she shall and so she did. I was happy for her! 😀

Raine loves their pudding so much, i was forced to eat one slice but i loved it so no hard feelings 😛 I didn’t have another one though because after having the pizza bread, i felt a nudge, a little “stop it” on the inside because i’ve been “happily”gaining weight. Haha!
This is what happens before everything else settles to its normal, usual, and “supposed to be” state. We’re not sorry.. everything and everyone has to be photographed.
…and so she did. A bite of THE pizza bread. I hope it changes her to a better person than she is right now. 😛
After inhaling hot, fresh-from-the-oven goodness, we headed to La Paz sand dunes to savor the sunset and enjoy the 2013 breeze over countless conversations and photo taking galore.
Thanks Soveraine & Blauearth! Cheers to online turned real-life friendships! Haha!
I love you both!

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