Kannawidan Fest X Vigan Escapade

Last January, i just got reminded of how much we enjoy and love what we’re doing even if it causes a throbbing back pain and insane migraines in the end. Exhausted as chuck, my body started to feel really really too tired to function the moment we got home. It was worth every hurting muscle though! 
Fellow photographer & colleague Glenn Tumaneng, with us EM Productions were invited to be official photographers and videographers for Ilocos Sur’s Kannawidan Fest’s “Saniata ti Ylocos” pageant candidates. It was a 2-day shoot all around Ilocos Sur. We would laugh about how tired we were every time we finish a day’s shoot. Imagine 30 candidates, 7 locations in only 2 days! We still can not get over how & where in the world our energy came from to pull off all of the shoots! The moment we arrived in the city, we were led right away to the pictorial site. Well, i guess it’s because the province of Ilocos Sur who graciously endowed us with bountifulness of food and hotel accommodations and whole lot of perks! 
Taking portraits are fun! These are the girls representing all the towns of Ilocos Sur. 
Let me just say how grateful we are of the Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur’s undeniable hospitality. Your efforts to make us feel at home is making us want to come back and enjoy more of the place. Also, it was a wonderful experience for us to be able to take part of the province’s fiesta! We hope we served you well, we totally enjoyed every part of our stay in Vigan!
Official Photos used here: https://www.facebook.com/SureIlocosSur
“Behind the Scenes” of the photo sessions shot by Eric of EM Productions

Thank you for keeping us happy and full! 😀
Gov. Ryan Luis V. Singson
Cong. Ronald Singson
Tourism Head – Mr. Ryan Astom
Lih Alonzo
Cara Daquep (PA)
Fellow Photographer & the Gov’s right hand, Sir Rocky Flandez
Fellow Photographer / ISO Sur Head – Mawie Chan 
Fellow Photographer & Support “group” – Pop Manuel 😀
Enjoy the photos everyone!
I accidentally deleted all of my phone photos but thanks to Glenn, Sir Mawie & our instagram posts, we still got  few to show you how much we enjoyed working in and with Vigan 🙂

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