26th Year Drama

I just turned 26 and I am grateful.
Birthdays feel like the new year without the extravagant fireworks. You get sentimental hours before the clock strikes twelve or if you can’t stay up late, the morning of your birthday. Mine’s neither. May 31st was 2 days ago and it has only dawned on me now.

Changes. A lot of this is slowly happening in my life and it feels wonderful to be able to see things move, feel it change, and dwell in every movement. I always make sure to never miss a blessing, a lesson, a feeling, a moment, a miracle because I have learned that it is how we get the good stuff to carry on with life. Whatever heaven has in store, i never want to miss it.
Life won’t stop teaching you. I’ve been taught to look at the bigger and brighter pictures in life. This means tougher challenges, greater lessons, but nothing is too difficult for one who knows who to trust and hold on your faith to. You see, faith can move mountains so why not keep it? With a heart and mind set on THE firm foundation, life has been totally wonderful so far. Really. So far, so great!
Dwell with people who’ll push you to be even better than who you think you are. They are people who work hard without whining while focusing on the brighter side of life. Few people have the right friends and I am too fortunate to have met lovely people who I can totally be myself with, be taught, and at the same time share what I can in return. 
Outgrowing the good ol’ days. I guess that’s just how it has to be. When you make decisions, things change, and when things change, you outgrow things, sometimes other people too and that’s when they remain as memories we can only keep. Moving on doesn’t mean you have to forget. It means you have to take a step further, grow up, and carry on. Just live.. live right. If change never existed, there wouldn’t be any butterflies.
Keep calm, stay calm. I am on the verge of mastering how to not care about a lot of unnecessary things. Period. It’s the best way to practice how to mind only my own beeswax. It’s quite hard to resist being critical most especially when a lot of my daily workload involve logging onto the social network. The less I know about things or stuff other people say about me that doesn’t benefit me at all, the more calm and serene life will get. Above all this, never hate.
Eric. Having Eric beside me for 645,340,034 years and counting is a treasure. 
He’s funny and he likes me, I’m apathetic and boring and I like him as well. That’s all that matters. 😛
on the last day of May, we just had brunch, took pictures, and made plans for a wonderful future with 2 girlfriends. Nothing fancy, just felt pretty.

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