Foodscapade in the City Cup Cafe

In this little sunshine-y city, it is not hard to notice when something’s cooking. Just along Rizal Street  downtown by the ol’ Ranada Building, City Cup cafe slash restaurant has already opened its doors after months of waiting. This quaint food spot survived Day 1 (yesterday) with overwhelming feedbacks on their food, ambiance, service and most specially its interiors. If you’re from my city, it would be all over your facebook feed already.
City Cup cafe is owned by a local pentecostal church called Church of our Savior, pastored by Ptr. Brian Shah. The church is also about to build an extension of their sanctuary in the heart of the city which is just beside their cafe. The food spot is managed by one of my mother’s dear friends, Precy Llanes.
Being the curious ones and self-proclaimed “foodies” that me and my (steadfast)friends are, we had to check the place out on the day of its grand opening. We decided to go during office hours in the afternoon to make sure the place won’t be super crowded so we can have good seats because Ptr. Brian’s facebook has been posting photos of what’s going on the whole day and it seemed liked the place was really full. Besides, it’s their first day. So off we flew!
The food spot opens at 10AM and closes at 12AM and according to Ptr. Brian, they’ll be trying to keep it open for 24hours some time probably in a couple of months.
A few hours later, mother initiated the household to have dinner in the same place. It was too easy to not resist! So for the 2nd time in a day, off we flew!
Dear readers, welcome to the City Cup Cafe.
Enjoy the food-tos!

We love this partly-recycled coffee table outside the cafe 🙂
Ptr. Brian has eyes for fun details. This cheese grater used as a decorative hanging light was a bright idea indeed!
rustic + industrial details
This is Tricia. She is happy.
’twas nice seeing this lovely couple in the place. 🙂 Sir Carlos & Miss Janina enjoying their afternoon snack.
Kuya Edwin, the barista!
Ptr. Brian Shah: He bakes the basil bread for the sides of their pasta dishes, and the culprit of the shop’s interior design.
Such a colorful plate of a classic salad. Crunchy greens, fresh tomatoes, sirloin and chicken strips all went well. The dressing was lightly tangy, tasted like it had roasted red bell peppers on it which was a bit new to my palette but it surprisingly brought all the freshness of the salad together.
We also had Canelloni. It’s ground chicken with vegetable filling wrapped in a very light homemade pasta, topped with red sauce. I personally enjoyed how light the pasta wrap was. I was expecting it to be like the ones used in lasagnas but it was even lighter. 
Eric had City Cup Clubhouse, their very own version of BLT. It had coleslaw and a thick slice of juicy pork sandwiched with ciabatta bread. Delightful!
then we shared over a tall glass of caramel macchiatto to taste. 😀
’twas nonstop meeting of familiar faces when we were in the cafe!
For dinner, we had to go back and this time we were with the family.
I had a classic Vietnamese drip coffee. I used to make some of these at home since my mother brought home some when she arrived from a trip to Vietnam a couple of years ago. Since then, it’s the most flavourful coffee i’ve enjoyed! I was pretty happy to see it in the menu. Vietnamese coffee is best served with condensed milk and nothing else!
I was expecting the condensed milk would be served separately then I stirred my cup and found out they served it with milk already. They might’ve added too much because it was a bit too sweet for my taste. I better make sure to request & have it served separately next time. 
This glider was good too! It’s a lean and tender chicken breast sandwiched with mango relish and fresh greens. Yummy!
Vegan Pomodoro, which tasted like classic italian spaghetti. Sauce was light, had black olives in it and a hint of fresh oregano.
Eric and I shared over a bowl of JR’s mixed greens topped with sauteed baby potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and sweet sausages dirzzled with my favorite olive oil and mustard vinaigrette.
Tita Precy, the manager of City Cup Cafe with her ever supportive friend.
spotted in the cafe was Anthony Dejolde, the author of with her lovely wife.
mother with pastor friends from different churches
elder sisters Marielle and Ria feeling all lucky because i rarely WANT to take their photos. Lucky for them, I was in the mood the entire time we were there.
Ria’s Adonis + Marielle’s Melvin

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