Cafe Bonita & some more!

Resurrecting the blog with a fresh new experience! Let the backlogs be backlogs for I have so much words to caption my life and escapades for the past 4 months which will be soon (i hope so) because it already feels like i never own this bubble posting again for the very first time this year. Haha!

So here goes! Because I will not allow myself to post this late, which shouldn’t be, and i’m getting excited using my keyboard once again, i might be talking a lot. I hope i wont sound all giddy & all over the place which I am totally feeling right now.
Last night, we got invited to get first dibs (shotgun!) on the new quaint & chic Bonita Cafe of the risen (& transfigured) Parklane Hotel in the city. Eric and I kind of prepared for this because before going to the place, we did some running at the stadium and I got too tired, I ended up squeezing myself in a free zumba class by the bleachers and got even more exhausted. Thus, that is how you prepare when attending a dinner invite specially when you’ll be expecting yourself to be enjoying the courses. Haha!
Cafe Bonita is located in Parklane Hotel
Barangay 55 Barit-A Segundo Avenue, Laoag City
Ilocos Norte
They will be having their soft opening on the 14th, just in time for Valentine’s Day and I highly recommend it if you wish to spend a wonderful date in a wonderful and perfectly lit place plus good food that’s instagram worthy. Actually every corner is! Because nowadays, every thing should be instagram worthy and Β the owners of the hotel considered that. πŸ˜€
Enjoy the photos everyone! (I missed saying that!)
Little spiderman was manning the entrance. Can you spot him? πŸ˜€
Someone’s excited for a gastronomic adventure!
Appetizer 1 was a Pomelo-Bagnet salad. It was my favorite amongst all the other dishes. Sweet pomelo with crunchy & well seasoned bagnet went so well together. I had my fork crossing over Eric’s plate for more!
Appetizer 2 – Instead of the traditional peking duck wrapped in homemade toasted pita wraps & greens, Cafe Bonita tweaked it with bagnet bits. It came with a spicy barbeque-like savory sauce. πŸ™‚
The main dish too was lovely. Maybe because it was curry? I love curry! The spicier, the more love i can give. Haha! This was a huge plate of Prawns & Mussels drenched in curry sauce. Eric had to request another cup of rice for this course. Haha!
Then we finished up with a Panna Cotta with spiced pineapple on the side for sharing.Β 
Oh sweet endings. Why does eating have to come to an end?!
After filling up, it’s time to roam around. Also displayed in the cafe are adorable MODi products perfect for souvenirs or if you just love anything chic & cute, MODi has a variety of items.
What I also noticed was the floor. Such lovely details, don’t you think?
And these framed wall art that are yet to be hanged up, i believe they were photographed by young artist & design genius, Vince Canlapan. I never asked about it but my gut feeling tells me so. Vince, i know these are your works! πŸ˜› I follow your instagram! One can’t not be a fan of your work when he sees your genius-nes..geniusity? Basta!
in demand Make-Up Artist Mara Manuel was with us camwhoring the whole time.Β 
When Blauearth is around, It is my duty & responsibility to take her OOTD photo. Haha!
Our most favorite part of the lobby πŸ™‚
Outside the hotel as well was instagram worthy!
What’s up ba?!

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  1. Great photos! πŸ™‚
    BTW, we will be staying in Laoag Parklane Hotel next month, so most likely, we'll have a time to dine in and relax at CafΓ© Bonita. Hmmnn…can you at least give me a price range of food in their menu, please? Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚


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