The Creative Phone Photography Workshop: Behind the Scenes & Why You Shouldn’t Miss It!

The Creative Phone Photography Workshop last April 20-22 was so fun, we will be doing it again this coming May 12 & 13. We will be tackling on how to hone those skilful eyes, come up with pretty cool and creative photos with just your handy dandy phone or tablet’s camera. After the workshop, all the creative minds you joined will be having a collaborative exhibit in Samtoy Books to showcase their works, all taken during the workshop.

This summer, me and my fellow creatives,  Jane Gaspar, an industrial designer and craft artist, and Russel Villena, an Instagram and Nokia Lumia ambassador and photographer felt the need to share to you specially the young ones the joy of what our hobbies and interests have made us who and what we are doing now as professional young artists. Not many can have the opportunity to learn fresh and new creative ideas in our little city and through our career experiences and passion to inspire, the Creative Phone Photography Workshop came to existence.

The social media has a huge role in the making of this workshop. It is where almost all of the ideas we come up with come from. Therefore, it’s goal also is to teach young creative minds how to share their hidden talents and skills in a vast medium with the proper manner and techniques to gain consistent and developing creative outputs, find their own flair and style, and be an inspiration as well to their viewers.

In this generation, the creative and design arts is is so in demand it caters to almost all categories of profession and it is our uttermost desire to help young minds expand their creative skills. What you think is just a hobby can be used to pump up your skills to firm and deepen your ground for your future creative career.

Join the 2nd Creative Phone Photography Workshop this May 12 & 13, 2015 at Samtoy Books, 2nd Floor of La Tabacalera, Laoag City
For more details on how to register or reserve a slot, Like & Follow our facebook page: 

And to entice you more on joining, check out how everyone had so much fun during the first Phone Photography Workshop.

Provincial Gov’t of Ilocos Norte
Samtoy Books
Shyne’s Food House
Crown Printers
EM Productuons
City Cup Cafe
Pangil Beach Resort
Tacos del Norte / Kapuluan Beach Resort
Ava’s Cakes & Partyshop
Vice Mayor Ronald Allan Nalupta
Hon. Gwyneth Quidang
Hon. McArthur Aguinaldo
Purple Pixel Photobooth
One-O-Five Department Store
Dr. Ederlina Callangan
Ms. Mila Estepan

Enjoy the photos!

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