Mara Manuel: 7 Years of People & Portraits

It’s been way too long since I had my fingers running through these characters in my keyboard. My option, command, shift buttons have had too much already. I have no other reason why I have not been keeping this blog up to date for the only thing that is actually keeping this place silent is my workload. Neglecting this blog would be my least thought so as much as I still can, Cynosure won’t be off blogspot ever!

So much has been happening over the past few months. And when I say “much,” I am dying to squeeze all my time just to make a post for every wonderful escapades and projects me and my team has been up to. Those will take time, needs a lot of heart (and good mood) to even start writing about my backlogs which on the bright side gives me assurance that I won’t be lacking anything to share over the lean months of work. And on the other hand keep you glued on Cynosure once in a while.


This post is special. If the name “Mara Manuel” rings a bell then maybe it is because I have mentioned her name quite a few (or a lot) times in this blog. I have been working with her for years, 7 to be exact with her fresh and carefree make-up skills for pictorials, weddings, events, and the like. She started small, honestly. I still remember her during our first gig together, and the first time we actually met. She brought a bag full of make-up and would lay out her little palettes for eye color, brushes, a selection of lipstick and her mighty BB cream which I ended up ordering because I adored how it blended really well with our client. After that, the rest is history.

Mara Manuel has grown so much in her career as a make-up artist. I alone can attest to that! I’ve seen everything from how she started to where she is now, and would never miss a glimpse to where she wishes to be in her line of expertise. I’ve seen the transition of her work and can literally tell now if it was she who did someone’s make-up, from eyebrow to color blending. Kidding aside, most of the time I actually can.

This year, Mara Manuel Make-Up Artistry just turned 7. What better way to celebrate it than to do another portrait shoot with beautiful people. We do this every year and she always, always make sure that her portfolio is inspired with inspiration. The main goal is to show everyone that make-up is not primarily for vanity purposes but to make ourselves feel good about ourselves while still being ourselves. I would also like to say that a little make-up can really give us that little push to be a better version of ourselves. Don’t you agree? She has her own story on how make-up transformed her which I think is what’s keeping her motivated and at the same time loving her work more.

While looking for budding artists that has caught a few people’s attention in our quaint province, she wanted this shoot to be extra special and meaningful… until we found Jane & Angelie. Just like Mara, these artists are making a scene with their fond of playing with colors and brushes. We wanted to amplify that because first of all, these girls are so good at what they do, and second these girls have deep passion with what they do. It only goes to show that when you truly are into what you enjoy doing, you grow with it, explore new things with it, and in the process, become better with it. So Mara thought, these girls deserve a make-over!

Happy 7th Birthday, Mara Manuel Make-Up Artistry!
Cheers to more inspiring, beautiful, creative, & strong people to transform!

Hair & Make-Up: MARA MANUEL
Photos by yours truly
Locations: The Library Cafe & Saramsam Cafe


JANE is an Industrial Designer, Film Photographer, Craft and Watercolor Artist. She has a lot of creative tricks in her sleeves, so to speak. Having been exposed to the metro’s creative crowd and also a traveling nomad who loves to wander mostly on her own with her trusty backpack containing her creative essentials, she comes home to Ilocos with her wonderful finds, cheapskate treasures, and more tricks to keep up her sleeves.
Jane is a tinker. She can make a piece of inanimate object that she might’ve just picked during her lone photowalks and turn it into something sentimental. She might not sound familiar to you specially during her first few tries of penetrating the crafty Ilocanos’ creative urges but just recently, she’s been quite busy doing workshops here in Ilocos Norte already and in Manila (most of the time) teaching creative bugs her very own watercolor techniques specializing in food illustrations, and also does Clay Workshops.
Jane is starting to make waves in her own expertise.Ā 
ANGELIE on the other hand is the girl who loves to paint. Her style is very detailed, intricate and loves to play with vibrant colors. She was a breeze to take photos of. It was not her first time, obviously. A couple of months ago, she just had her very first exhibit and was able to sell her works to different personalities in the city. Her work load then tripled which is keeping her so busy nowadays doing colorful and beautiful masterpieces just like herself.
Angelie obviously is enjoying the fruit of her hard work. A hobby that grew up to something she just couldn’t stop doing turned out to be a big open door for her creative mind to explore. She has a lot in store and we just can’t wait what else she’s going to do next.

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