The Taoid Museum of Ilocos Norte

I find it an opportunity to be able to know a thing or two about certain cultures and their histories, more so when it speaks of the humble land and the people who have settled way before we even dared to understand but lived in since day one. They say a museum is one of the best places to learn about culture and arts because you’ll be able to experience first hand how everything came to be and how it connects to today’s time. Walking through the exhibitions thinking how the people of before come up with such intricate details and creative beliefs. Did they know they were being artistic or was it just culturally natural because of their beliefs? Culture & Arts, I believe can never separate. That is my belief.
Just recently, a museum within the La Tabacalera Ilocano Lifestyle Center called TAOID Museum had just celebrated their first year of educating young minds, museum enthusiasts, art appreciators, and tourists alike about the interesting Life and Culture of the Cordilleras in Ilocos Norte. In accordance to their month-long celebration, I was invited by Stella Gaspar, Taoid’s museum guide and manager to tour around the place. The first time I went to the museum when it opened I was roaming around without a guide. The second time, I was with Eric not to tour but to shoot inside for Miss Ilocos Norte’s interview clips. This time, I actually got to appreciate it really well. While Stella was going through every detail, beyond the captions displayed beside every artifact, I came to find how interesting the culture was. I paid so much attention and allowed myself to learn and understand everything Stella was talking about. She seemed so passionate about everything in display which also caught my interest because she knows all of it by heart. By the way, thank you for the handmade earrings, Stella!
In this post, I got to experience the museum like a first timer. I would love to explain every photo but it would ruin your experience when you actually get to visit it for yourself. The museum is interactive, FYI. You can get to feel some of the artifacts and wear them which I think was a really good twist during the whole tour. Some agree to the notion that museums are no fun at all but if you actually allow yourself to be a curious learner, you will be surprised how much appreciation you’ll be giving to every detail, yes, EVERY DETAIL once you finish the whole tour. For someone who is not so full of visiting museums and who rarely talks about history and culture but knows quite well to appreciate art and some weird things, I suggest you try something like this.
Visit TAOID MUSEUM. Stay curious. šŸ™‚
Enjoy the photos!

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