H&M opens in Ilocos

You’ve heard of it already so there is actually not too much to say but to swoon you for your year-ender shoppings, check this out. H&M Ilocos opened in Robinsons’ extension mall last Thursday and this blog had the opportunity to have a private walkthrough of the store before it opened. It was swift but sweet as we were going through stalls along with other home-grown and loved social media influencers.
In behalf of Cynosure, EM Productions & Amian Creatives, heaps of thanks to Nikki Verzo for inviting us to get first dibs on the opening and to my favorite graphic designer ever, Vince Canlapan who thinks I have an influence so he had to add me on the list, haha! Congratulations H&M and thank you for coming to Ilocos!
Nevertheless, here’s a quick tour of the store during their opening, our shameless mirror selfies, shopping finds, and OOTD’s with the huge logo on that lovely brick wall.

Me with Ms Nikki Verzo of H&M, & Mara Manuel
a little struggle to take a group photo
L-R: Bryne Clarion, Ronan Domingo, Michelle Dy, Mara Manuel, Maxene Pastor, someone irrelevant & James Burn

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