The JUAN is back!

The JUAN that got away is back! For someone who usually drags most of our clients to have meetings in almost all the cafe’s accessible within the city, I am so stoked to hear that our favorite “go-to” cafe is back! Now with a different take on the menu, Johnny Moon cafe did an overhaul to slightly shy away from the traditional dishes that already is in most restaurants within the district. They now serve Spanish and Italian cuisine but still have a few of the most loved and must-try Ilocano dishes on one page, just incase you might crave a little. We were invited to an exclusive food tasting experience as they are already opening soon so here are some of the dishes you might want to consider when you welcome Johnny Moon back.
Spanish and Italian cuisine is not new to our palate because the flavors and ingredients that are essential to our local dishes are most likely the same. Our favorite was the Pasta Negra aka Al Negro de Seppia, it’s spaghetti with a creamy squid ink sauce and a bit of spice which was quite subtle, a little kick to contrast the exotic taste. We were not able to order their pasta in crab fat sauce because it sounded like a heart attack. I heard it was good as well so I think I will have to try it soon when I deserve to binge-eat my heart out. Eric enjoyed their Pochero, the stew was really good, he had to eat it with a cup of rice. My personal favorite was Dorado Pizzaiola, it’s basically just pan seared fish steak in fresh herbed tomato sauce and olives. I love olives! Plus the fish was juicy and sweet, you can tell it is fresh. We ended filling ourselves with a light Panna Cotta with chocolate syrup.Β 
Thank you Johnny Moon for having us! May I just say that I hope and wish and pray that you bring your Miki and the Pan de Sal sliders back in the menu, and your other wonderful coffee and fruit juice concoctions like the Banna Frio and real Passionfruit juice! Those were a stand-out, seriously. I hope you hear me out, and again, Welcome back Johnny Moon!
Enjoy the photos!

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