S.E.A.’s Kitchen: Garden to Table Goodness!

I always wanted to be one of the firsts when S.E.A.’s Kitchen started to open its rustic galvanized doors (gates) to the public but unfortunately, last year was just too hectic. I have been making plans on my own when Eric and I could go visit the place one time since they got online September of last year. (I’m not stalking, ok!) Eric and I could not say yet that we’re well travelled but we have this common crave to just go elsewhere and enjoy a good vibe.

It took us 8 months and a random invite slash push from a dear friend, Chin to finally get to try S.E.A.’s Kitchen, and also because we are not too busy anymore, Thank God! So there, we inquired online and booked a day for lunch, pre-ordered our food and just couldn’t wait to get to Pagudpud! They require to send in your orders at least a day or two before you head to their place to make sure everything will be prioritized and prepared to perfection. The scrumptious food list is in their facebook page and if you’re not sure which to order, you can visit their instagram account and check the photos that’ll make you drool, then that’s what you’re probably going to order. Haha!
To those who don’t know yet, S.E.A.’s Kitchen is owned by three ladies namely Sonya, Elizabeth, & Alma. Their love for home-cooked sustainable food, mandalas, country living, and everything in between make the place and food extra special and a must-go to. To get there is easy, don’t worry there’s a sign! S.E.A.’s Kitchen is located at Barangay Burayoc, Pagudpud and from South (Laoag) just follow the cement road going to all the beach resorts headed to the saud beach (Villa Der Mar, Evangelines, etc.) and when you get to the end where there is a diversion, you’ll be able to see a sign of S.E.A.’s Kitchen telling you to turn left to the rocky/dirt road that goes up hill. Spot the steel gates and you’re there!
It was a definitely a homey place. While waiting for our lunch, we just enjoyed the rustic view and talked over tarragon tea with freshly picked stevia leaves as sweetener which Chin surprisingly only knew about for the first time. Haha! We ordered a lot but I was only able to take a few photos because every time they put food on the table, we get into it right away.. or we were just really hungry! But I have to say everything we ordered tasted really satisfying, even their home-made salad dressing was TDF, we wanted to bring home the whole bottle but ended up having it refilled because we used it as sauce on all of our food. 😀
Just to help you decide on which to try, here’s a list of what we ordered:
Clam Chowder
Stuffed Chicken Wings
Mexican Pizza
Garden to Table Salad
Rustic Herbed Chicken
Seared Tuna
Coco-mint Iced Candy
S.E.A.’s Brewed Iced Tea
Take note that we opted to ditch pork or beef because a few months ago, I really had to stop eating red meat due to health issues and Eric has been really supportive of it. Although the pizza had pork in it, it was one we really wanted to try. I only had a couple of bites then we had to left Eric finish it all. It was so good, I had no guilt having a few! Also we shoo’d away with rice (sugar level issues, Ugh!) and some heavy-ass sweet food that I believe we would’ve enjoyed too as well if only it was okay to have so much sweets. Also, our third wheeler (lol) Chin was on a strict diet as well and she didn’t mind. Yay!
So, if you have not been to S.E.A.’s Kitchen yet, head up north already. It’s not only the beach now that is worth visiting in Pagudpud! 🙂
If you like how I edit my photos, I used my “JUST IN TIME” Lightroom filters.
Make sure to check them out!
Enjoy the photos!
Ms Alma still perky after hustlin’ and bustlin’ in the kitchen. I was not able to take a photo of Ms Elizabeth, though.
the TDF Salad Dressing that was perfect for all!
This killed me! Everything, even the sauce!
Alma’s dog, Kobe. This guy was chilling under our table the whole time. So cute! He enjoys cuddles!
Meet out third wheel – Chin, who you’ll see a lot of photos of in the end of this post. Haha!

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