Green Eating with Adams Eco Farm

Fine, cliche is cliche. Ever since I got sugar level and other health issues (still manageable, thank goodness!) these past few months, I forced my self to finally get things right. Worst part is exercising but I managed to keep up with my programs from when I started cross-fit in the gym then something happened, so I had to do things at home for a while, doing them for at least 30-45 minutes daily. So far, I lost a couple of pounds in a few weeks. Nothing that’s noticeable yet but I know I’m getting healthier.

I managed to ditch pork, beef and a huge portion of rice in all of my meals which was surprisingly easy. Maybe because I had my mind set to get well already. I also started to cook and experiment making my own meals for brunch and since I’m not a snack person, afternoon or late night cravings was not hard to deal with as well. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I have my own vegetable and herb garden where I often show how I make simple recipes out of little harvests.
Now, my garden is running out of supply for my daily intake (also because maintaining a food garden is hard and tedious) which is why when Ms France of Adams Eco Farm posted they’ll be heading downtown to sell some of their fresh harvests, I had to stock up!
A lot of people from the city might not know or have not heard of ADAMS ECO FARM yet. I will be posting a separate one especially for them really soon. Just to give you a heads up, Adams is a town located in the northern coast of Ilocos Norte, next to Pagudpud if you travel from the south. AEF is owned and dearly managed by a lovely couple named Ms France and Sir Wen who are supporters of everything related to Sustainable Integrated Organic & Agro-ecology Farming. They do partnerships with the local indigenous people of Adams to keep the farm at its most healthy and productive state. Thus, Eric & I we are looking forward to paying them a visit soon!
As I was saying, food! Guess what, they had Alfalfa sprouts fresh from the farm. I can’t wait to eat more salad (goat life) and make sandwiches with these. I also got a bag of Arugula because my own potted arugula plants were starting to wither. I don’t know if I’ve harvested too much already that it started to weaken or maybe I’m just not maintaining them rightly. Anyway, AEF’s harvest tastes so good! That’s one thing organic food really is all about. It doesn’t taste like a sad vegetable picked along the huge isle of packed greens that tastes awfully stale. While taking photos, I was picking a few to eat. They’re crunchy and tasty, works perfectly with just a quick drizzle of vinaigrette.
I had too much to say again, haha! Anyway, here’r a few photos of what I got from Adams Eco Farm. If you’re interested in ordering their harvests, check out their schedule or updates to when they’ll be heading downtown again in their facebook or instagram accounts:
Facebook: Adams Eco Farm
Instagram:Ā @adamsecofarm



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