Food Trekking in Adams Eco Farm

It took me a long while to get my thoughts together as to how am I going to get this post come into existence. Our trip to Adams was definitely one for the books. I had a blog post written specially how I left my heart in Adams the first time we went which was years ago and the more we get back to this beautiful piece of paradise, the more I fall in love with it. This time around was different. I may not have mentioned a lot about the hidden gems and popular “go-to” places of Adams, Ilocos Norte for there are a lot about that you can easily search online.

Let me tell you something special, something I would love to keep to myself because it felt so precious yet at the same time too excited to share about. Just a recap, Adams Eco Farm is a two-hectare farm which proudly boasts on their sustainable integrated organic and agro-ecology farming and partnership with the indigenous people of Adams, Ilocos Norte. They grow premium quality vegetables, maneuvered by the skillful and down to earth owners, Sir Wendel & Ms France whose hands are made for bringing life to every seed they sow through their state of the art strategies, techniques and experiences in organic farming. Things I quite had a hard time to comprehend while they were explaining during the tour. Just imagine fresh farm to table edibles all day, I could live with that!
Eric and I first met the Β lovely couple (if i am not mistaken) a year (or two) ago during a ticketed dinner event (Dulang) by friends. Ms France and her group were seated next to our table and we eventually started introducing ourselves and chatted. She handed out a Kale leaf which she probably brought along from their farm that I got excited to taste because it was my first time to try one, haha! To cut the story short, we found new friends!
Visiting their farm was one Eric and I was looking forward to ever since Ms France started mentioning about how they’re trying to develop their place and make it look more “visit-able” and the moment they were ready, we sure didn’t want to be the last to get a glimpse of their dearly kept haven. Jane Gaspar, my super foodie friend (also a watercolor artist) tagged along because I need to have her whenever a food adventure is cooking, also Eric’s cousin Alliah was dying to join us because she has not gone to Adams yet and is a die-hard fan of anything herb-y and organic. It was a gloomy morning but the sun made it humid, the road was tedious, bumpy, and slippery but our love for food will always prevail. So off to Adams we went!
To get to the place, you have to book a date first via their facebook page. There was no menu to choose from. It was perfectly fine with us because the thrill of not knowing what they’re going to prepare is what’s even more exciting! Also, because we knew how Sir Wen was really, really, really skilled in the kitchen. No doubt about that! We were then instructed to park in the municipal hall to register as guests/tourists of the farm and wait for their personnel to convoy us to our destination.
Upon arriving, we were greeted with a furry guy named Bibo who looked like he was smiling all the time. Ms France and Sir Wen toured us quickly inside their gorgeous greenhouse and was picking leaves to let us sniff and see if we can distinguish them. Jane knew most of it though, that’s why I enjoy having her around when it comes to herb sniffing. Haha!
For starters, they gave us a delightful middle eastern flair by serving us Cardamom tea and Mezza. Everything home cooked by Sir wen himself! Freshly baked arabic bread which we couldn’t stop stuffing ourselves with, a generous serving of hummus, tabouleh, hossi, and moutabal. Laya, their witty daughter sat with us, we actually forced her to eat with us because it was too much to handle. She was fun to talk to!
Next, they served us a taste of Asia with Green Salad topped with Indian Papadum crisps, Chicken & Thai Basil, Beef Rendang and TomYum paired with Red Mountain rice. I was literally a happy kid eating food with bursting flavors, learning about what’s in every dish. I have been cutting my meat intake but tasting wouldn’t hurt, right? We had frozen margaritas in between and green tea after our last meal. It was worth the long trip, seriously! Before we left, Alliah bought freshly picked loose leaf lettuce and some arugula to keep her sane for the week because I know she’ll never get over Adams. I never did!
I have so much to tell but I have to stop now so you can enjoy the photos! πŸ™‚
Adams Eco Farms’ stunning green house!
Sir Wen & Ms France ready to educate us with organic farming & everything in between!
Alliah’s first cameo role in my blog. Hehe!
Hey there, Bibo!
Flat leaf parsley on a grow bag tied on the green house’s post.
I forgot what this was but I know it’ll be growing a kind of edible flower soon!
These lettuce on a grow bag look tempting!
My favorite, a very flavorful italian oregano! I could sniff this herb all day!
Tarragon tea, anyone?
Of course, who wouldn’t love an isle of basil for that unlimited pesto sauce?!
Baby romaines! So cute!
Jane & Laya over watercolors while waiting for our food.
Jane took rock samples because watercolor is life and naturally made watercolors are life-r!


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