Quick Fill at Cafe de Angelo

This post is going to be quick and short just like how we (un)planned to head up to Baguio after a quick client photo session just because it was humid. We apparently got more excited learning that the whole team had no work scheduled the next day. Also, when we asked for permission from our parents, (LOL come to think that I’m already married for Pete’s sake!) they had so many questions, I can’t even… but eventually were granted in the end. It was a weekday and not a holiday, all the more reason to hit the road and head on up because we all know how the Cordilleras could get so congested from time to time, most specially on vacation days.

We stayed in a bed & breakfast place called The Old Orangewood B&B which Eric and I only discovered in facebook a long time ago. This is where we usually head down when we have not booked in advance for a hotel to stay. The first time we had an impromptu road trip to Baguio during his birthday, this B&B let us in at 3AM without any reservations. I only noticed now that I have no photo of the B&B we stayed in, ooops! Next time, I guess. πŸ™‚

So there, we arrived, rested for the night and woke up early, had our complimentary (heavy) breakfast from the hostel and decided to scout for a food spot we can kill time before we head down. We didn’t stroll along anymore but we did drove around looking at places we would want to come back to which definitely might be unplanned again. Haha!

We had brunch then at this really quaint and humble food place called Cafe de Angelo. Some foodie apps lead us to this place because of its really nice reviews, and some mentions about it being “off the grid” and away from downtown which was perfect because we thought it would be awesome to have the whole place to ourselves for brunch knowing that the cafe is just a small space with a home garden.

Getting there was quite easy as long as you know the main roads, Eric brought us there with no fuss with a little help from google maps though. It is hidden within Chapis Village along Marcos Highway. I suggest you use the Total Gasoline Station as your landmark. Beside it is the arc of “Chapis Village.”

The cafe was nice, it had a lovely garden entrance and a homey ambiance. It felt like we were so far from the hustle and bustle of Baguio for a moment. The menu is simple, nothing that’s going to give you a hard time to choose. Prices were very good as well, nothing went above 200php which was a plus for us cheapskates. They also had a selection of sandwiches which had awesome reviews and specialty coffees but those we did not order since we were still full from this morning’s hostel breakfast. Bad move! But since all the choices were appetizing, it was not scary to decide what to order. From the reads I’ve found about this place, there was never a wrong choice as long as you’re down for good food.

We ordered a lovely shrimp marinara pasta and quesadillas all for sharing and one each of herb and fruit coolers. Like their list of food choices, it definitely was simple, well-seasoned, and fresh. Period. Brunch that time was so lovely while the sun came out and only a few people were there. We kind of had the place to ourselves just like we’ imagine.

I’m definitely looking forward to visiting this place again and eat my heart out!
Enjoy the photos!


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