Throwback: Backpacking to Vietnam-Cambodia Pt. 01

Major throwback to our trip that I’ve constantly postponed for almost 2 years to post because work then has been eating us alive. Now that I have more time in my hands (and for the blog), I believe it’s never too late to share some of my snaps, right? There’s nothing you can do about it anyway. And don’t you think it’s satisfying to browse through many photos?

Year 2014 was when Eric and I, my sister along with her fiance (now husband), and a friend decided to go to Vietnam with a side trip to Cambodia. It was a 5-day trip for them while Eric and I stayed for 10 days because that season, work load was a breeze. We were able to bring some with us which kept us preoccupied during the long queues and what nots. Plus, wifi speed in these countries are nothing compared to the Philippines so it was quick to work on the side.

My photo dump or spam, whichever you want to call it is quite unorganized. I have not documented everything as if I can tell a thorough story about our trip but I hope you’d get to enjoy the sights we’ve seen, the food we’ve devoured, the people we met, the experiences we had during our trip. I will try my best to keep you on track along with the photos as you read on.

We started the trip in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. It was kind of like our “side trip” came first because our main stay would be in Cambodia. As expected, the heart of the city also known as Saigon was beaming with motorists. Crossing the streets was as scary as Manila although we’ve been advised to just keep walking straight as long as you’ve started to cross already and make sure you’re super attentive to the street signs and lights, you’ll be fine.
Walking along the park and came across this old man sketch artist throwing smiles at everyone passing by. How cute!
We did not want to miss the famous Pho places within the city, of course! Pho 2000 is one of the most popular spots to enjoy their noodles with a nice view of the busy streets buzzing with motorists in the city proper.
When visiting cities, always take a quick stop or tour in their central market. This is where we roamed a while when the others went shopping. Eric & I are not into shopping malls, just so you noticed. 🙂
While everyone was still shopping, Eric and I took a sweet spot in front of the central market just to cool down and luckily, this guy here named “Tiep” came to the rescue with the best coffee in the streets! Well, for the thirsty and tired that is us, perhaps. We were meaning to have Vietnamese coffee in the evening but Tiep was too friendly, we couldn’t resist.
This coffee literally made me feel alive at first sip. Like seriously, I felt like the world was a lot clearer and brighter, thanks to Tiep’s street milk iced coffee!
Oh here’s a decent Pho photo! After having coffee we had to have another Pho fix. Eric obviously couldn’t get over it. He’s been eating the noodle soup even when we got to Cambodia.
At night, we thought it’s time for some off-the grid street food fiesta and with the help of our cousin who also was the one touring us around, he brought us to this area where the street is a lot more congested with a lot of art and trinket shops, cute clothing sotres, cafes, and also because the vendors bring out tables for customers to sit on the sidewalk, all chairs facing the street, people watching with a couple of kebabs, barbecue, and beer. This is was one of Eric and I’s favorite place in Vietnam, the Backpackers’ Area. 🙂
Never leave Vietnam without having a taste of their famous flavorful lager beers! Cheers!
Then we had coffee. Walked back to the city for some Trung Nguyen drip coffee fix and cheesecakes.
Eric working on the side 🙂
That’s one night in Vietnam. The next morning we got up early to catch the bus heading to Phnom Pehn, Cambodia.
Oh yeah, this is the little hotel that we stayed in. We’re not fancy. Haha! Backpackers  ftw!
The only photo I had from when we grabbed a Bahn Mi for a quick filler just across the street of our hotel just so we won’t get hungry during the 6-hour bus ride.
All road lead to an end so buses and cars had to pass through a large body of water via a boat transport going to the border of Vietnam & Cambodia.
This was when all of us already crossed the border. I was not able to take a lot of photos on the border because all of us were in a hurry taking lines and observing all protocols before we cross. The fact that it’s quite hard to understand their english when they call for our names one by one while handing our passports back was also why I was not able to concentrate taking photos. I can’t afford being left behind! Haha! But do not fret, Cambodia post coming up next!

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