Hop Inn Hotel Staycation & Musik Manila

I always look forward to anything new or inspiring every time Eric & I go out of town. A month ago, Eric figured he just had the urge to attend Musik Manila Audio Expo to look out for what could be in store for our humble music studio business. His trips would always mean I should be there with him. Not that I know a lot about the industry, I do all the paper works and business side of his “hobby.” I assume that going out on his own would bore him to death. Also, Eric was meaning to meet some of his mentors and colleagues during his trainings in the Metro a couple of months ago. The idea of leaving for Manila would usually stress me out. I might only go there there if it were a round trip. I am so used to chirping birds, howling dogs, and the dirty ice cream stall’s ring as my surround sound. Then I asked Eric, “What’s in it for me?”

Fortunately for him, I got an invite the same week of the event we’d be attending to try out this new-ish travellers’ hotel called HopInn Hotel that just recently opened last December 2016. It is popularly known as a network of budget friendly yet promising & convenient hotels under the Erawan Group PLC, known as Thailand’s leading hotel developer. Their first branch is located in Ermita, Malate, where we stayed. They also have another branch that has just been launched this September in Makati.
When our dates were set, the thought of going to Manila was fuss-free already. All of a sudden, I got excited for this staycation! We took the 8 to 10 hour bus trip at 10:30 in the evening, arrived around 6AM and booked a taxi after a quick breakfast.
We arrived early and right after checking-in, we were then settled to the 8th floor. We opted not to go out after checking-in to make use of the whole day to sleep and rest from that long bus ride we just took. Upon entering, I noticed how the bed sheets were neatly tucked and could not wait just to get in them. Comfort is key and HopInn Hotel does have it! And oh,  I should even mention that their wifi speed is swift! We would watch movies and work on backlogs without any buffer.
Seizing the moment to lose track of sleep, we woke up quite late in the afternoon where we had the beautiful sunset view along Manila Bay. If there is one thing I was looking forward to during this staycation, it was lounging around.
The room had a wonderful brightness because of the natural light that enters through the glass window. It is not too roomy but not too small as well. We had just enough area to move around since we did not bring huge luggages although there are compartments for them. The bathroom too was spacious and had a hot/cold shower, a glass divider and a huge mirror which was perfect for me.
Can we just take a moment to adore how beautiful the natural light enters in this room! With white walls and a soft wooden finish on the headboard, it just bounces and diffuses it all so softly! You can see how much I enjoyed being photographed because of the lighting.
I also learned that the company leading HopInn has 35 years worth of expertise in advancing large high-end hotels such as The Grand Hyatt, Marriott Bangkok, and Holiday Inn amidst many others. HopInn Hotels also boast about their “4 Pillars of Promise” which are comfort, cleanliness, convenience, and security. All the more reason to get excited for our staycation! Their room choices are simple and come in reasonable prices.
Photo from Google // Edited in Lightroom


Photo from Google // Edited in Lightroom
Photo from Google // Edited in Lightroom
The next morning, it was time for Musik Manila but first, breakfast!
Tucked in just below our hotel was this quaint and super instagram-worthy Blocleaf Cafe. The interiors seemed to be inspired from Japanese minimalism with a faintly rustic feel. Blocleaf Cafe serves scrumptious pastries and really good cakes, paninis, and of course fresh coffee and classic tea mixes. I had matcha latte twice!
Now off to Musik Manila to feed Eric’s audio cravings. To give you guys a hint about this event, it’s actually an exhibit of one of the most sought-after top brands in the music, audio, recording, mixing, production industry. Basically, Eric was there to drool on all of his dream recording gadgets because man, they are expensive! It was a great experience for us both, mainly for him because he does the tinkering in the studio. I also had a lot of fun while strolling inside, watching him talk to people, most of the time he was explaining to me what is the purpose of which gadget and how it works. It was a good time for us as well to see how much our business could expand. We will definitely be coming back for next year’s expo.
Here he is with sound engineer & mentor, Sir Dino Dumlao
Stumbled upon his other mentor Sir Rico Bicol and colleague Dem Mokamad.
This is one happy kid!
Okay, my turn!
We stayed in Manila for 3 days and 2 nights with some quick get-aways and dining out with friends on the side but just like any other staycation, it came to an end. Also, it was time to endure another 8 to 10 hour bus trip home. Haha!
With all honesty, our mini staycation in HopInn Hotel was pretty fun. Our room had a lovely view, sheets that I could sleep in all day, a lot of nearby places we could have visited and had food escapades in if we only had more time, and an instagram-able cafe just beneath it.

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