Mary Jane’s Patisserie & Boulangerie

Kitchen Lab is known as one of the restaurants in Ilocos Norte serving top-notch quality & fine gastronomic experiences. They are popular for their choice steaks, pastas, salad mixes, wine recommendations to go with your creatively and painstakingly made dish, and of course, the fancy degustation adventure where you get to taste the chefs’ master(dishes)pieces from all of the flavors they are able to whip up in their laboratory slash kitchen.

And here they are again offering another first in the province. Located just below the restaurant is Mary Jane’s Patisserie & Boulangerie. It has been transformed into a lovely outdoor cafe serving freshly baked goodness, specialty cakes, coffee and pastas. Perfect area for brunch and meetings, this french inspired bakery can swoon you into having long conversations and what nots. The smell of fresh bread and coffee is definitely so hard to resist!


My personal favorite has to be their sour bread. Maybe because I am not a dessert person although I can really tell what is a good bread. I had my first try on a really good kind of sour bread when we went to Australia last year and theirs was just as delicious! Their croissant also is perfect for any caffeine fix. I like it crisp & flaky with just the right scent of butter as you crack it open. Dab a little more butter on a hot croissant and I could forget about a day’s worry. I believe they’ll also be serving french macarons and much more along the run.


On their opening, they served prosciuttos, salami, and french patΓ© also known as meatloaf. You can just imagine how filling it was! I literally had no room for cakes but nonetheless, another reason to go back. Dr. Mary Jane recommended we try the Durian Cheesecake and their specialty mousse cakes so at least the struggle of deciding which to try next was already done.


Everything is made locally and by hand, using high quality ingredients, and served fresh off-the-oven by business partners and food enthusiasts, Dr. Jonathan & Sir Irwin. The cafe is named after Dr. Jonathan’s wife, Dr. Mary Jane. The patisserie & boulangerie is open from 10AM onwards which means there is now another lovely place to chill after office hours up to late night catching up with friends & family.


MARY JANE’S PATISSERIE & BOULANGERIE by Kitchen Lab is located along P. Lazaro corner Llanes Street, Laoag City.

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