Quick R and R in Villa Manuela

So it’s summer and travelling up to Ilocos Norte to hit the beach is always on the list. If there is one thing I can recommend this season, amongst all the pretty resorts we already know, food finds along the road, or grabbing some cold brew just in time for sunset watching, make it a point to visit Villa Manuela. It’s just along the strip of resorts going to Saud beach in Pagudpud, very easy to spot.

It’s a resort already popular to Pagudpud lovers specially for those who enjoy their bar hut situated facing the glorious beach. You’ll have easy access to your favourite chill drinks with some beach music to boot as they have their speakers up for an even extra tropical vibe. Sounds like the perfect getaway plan, right?

Well, that’s not enough! Aside from indulging and achieving your beach goals in the resort, Villa Manuela has some good grubs up their sleeves and I won’t let this pass because we definitely had our fill! We went to Pagudpud just for some R and R but we ended up feasting in their resto-hut, Coco Bar & Grill.

IMG-27IMG-28IMG-26Arriving at the resort, we ordered at the Coco Bar & Grill right away. They actually have a lot of selection but as the owner and manager, Luigi showed up, he told us to try out their best sellers: Sriracha Chicken Wings, Honey BBQ Wings, Pinakbet, and their Sisig which even the whole kitchen staff was boasting about too. So there, choosing what to eat made easy, what a relief! Thanks, Luigi!

IMG-14IMG-13IMG-12IMG-15Meet Gian Luigi Ablan Guingon, the cool surfer dude behind keeping the resort up and running. It was a pleasure to have checked out your humble abode, man.

IMG-17IMG-1We were told Coco Bar & Grill was named after Luigi’s doggo who was the sweetest. Sad he’s gone but we met this guy named “Spot” the moment we reached the bar area. He’s such a charmer! Beach doggos are the luckiest, don’t you think?

IMG-3Then our food arrived. Perfect timing ’cause we intended not to have lunch before we traveled to Villa Manuela. We did not have much but we did enjoy these home cooked and simple dishes!

IMG-19Luigi kept on telling us to try their Sriracha Chicken Wings which I was scared to try because I just had some gastric issues a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to my ever-ready tablets, I gave in. It was really good! I’m so glad we didn’t skip this on the menu. It was spicy but not like something I would give up on. It tasted like buttered chicken with a sweetened Sriracha sauce. I guess the mix of flavours made it bearable. But really, it was a good appetiser! I can say it is definitely perfect with a cold brew.

IMG-20This is a staple. Who couldn’t resist a nice, homey Pinakbet to top on rice! Theirs was super filling, good enough for sharing.

IMG-21Another flavor of their chicken wings, Honey BBQ. I ordered this first and neglected the Sriracha flavor right away not until I gave in so yes, we had to have both!

IMG-22Then their Sisig was served. Oh dear, you all really have to try this! The moment we asked what’s the first thing they would want us to try, this one was on top of their list. Luigi insisted we have this then the whole kitchen staff confirmed it. How can we resist? We can here to be filled and Coco Bar & Grill’s Sisig surely was a winner. We will definitely come back for this one and the Sriracha Chicken Wings.

IMG-24After eating, we hit the beach because well, protocol! The weather was perfect, we had a beautiful sunset to enjoy and photograph, and finally got the R and R we intended to achieve for the weekend. It was quick and lovely.

IMG-25Eric and his beats. I caught him enjoying some good music by the bar.

IMG-34Cameo role-ing, Jbong who is always done for our spontaneous road trips and food finds!

IMG-36IMG-9IMG-40IMG-41IMG-43IMG-42There are so much to go back for in the north. We can’t wait where to go next!


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