My first ever Kera-Lift at The Nail Lounge

Ok, so The Nail Lounge, Laoag City is finally offering Keralift (eyelash lift) and I just got invited to get my first ever lash lift session before they publicly announce it on their shop. I want to show how my lashes look like BEFORE I go ahead and have it done. Excited! But first, I had to attend boxing training hence wearing gym clothes and showing off stretch marks because life is about “embrace your flaws” now, they said.  

The following AFTER photos were taken a day after the procedure and then after 3 weeks. Like I said, it is my first time to have my eyelashes permed and I can’t believe my “barely there” eyelashes still has hope and can get fuller! The KeraLift procedure doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals as it boasts of its natural content to prevent irritation on the eyes and nourish the eyelashes too. Unlike other lash lifting brands, KeraLift procedure takes a bit longer because it is all-natural, it takes around an hour and a half BUT it promises frizz-free looking lashes and should last for up to 6 to 8 weeks.

KERALIFT by The Nail Lounge, Laoag City is now available for bookings! Just message them for inquiries.  You’ll love this!



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