Keto-friendly sweets by Hello Sugar Ph

I’ve not been super vocal about this but I’ve actually hopped onto the “keto diet” bandwagon since the year started. I am not on the super strict & clean keto kind but since I decided to give this diet/lifestyle change a “Go”, I started to promise myself to shoo away from anything high in carbs as much and as long as I can. At first, I had a hard time adjusting because it was then that I realised how much sugar and carbs are hidden in all of the good food! Hard to resist but I allow myself to enjoy them once in a while then go back to clean eating.

I was never a sweets, pastry, or dessert person but when I started going on a low-carb diet, there were dreadful moments where I would crave for anything sugary. I’d order keto friendly pastries online and wait for days because I can’t make my own and ingredients are hard to find in Ilocos. Most likely, I’d end up eating ice cream with a cone of shame. 😭

Then hellosugarph came to the rescue! Getting first dibs on her DARK CHOC COCO KETO COOKIES (tongue twister, teh?) was something I looked forward to! So grateful I can order to satisfy sweet cravings and not feel bad about ruining my eating lifestyle. It is soft & just has the right sweetness, it would go well with a glass of creamy milk or you can top it with whipped cream and cocoa powder just like I did. 😋

Another favorite of mine is their mini Keto Dark Choco Fudge Muffins! Thank you @hellosugarph! AnoLooking forward to more of your Keto-friendly desserts! (pretty please!) I wont have to pay for shipping anymore because it’s just within the city!

Now, the next hunt is where can I have low-carb BREAD?! lol


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